Where Bloggers Live “My Workspace”

Welcome to the latest edition of Where Bloggers Live. It’s kind of like HGTV’s “Celebrities at Home,” but…Bloggers! Who doesn’t like to peek behind the scenes and see inside people’s homes and lives? Over the next few months, a group of seven bloggers will be sharing their workspaces, their homes, towns and more!

This month (for most of us) is our blogging workspace – sort of a behind the scenes of where and how we put our blogs together.

I have to admit though that my blog doesn’t take top priority in my “work world”, but does share it’s space.  I do so much more in my work space than just my blog – especially in the world we have found ourselves for the last month or so.

So, this is the neat version of where the ‘magic’ happens.  You’ll notice Koda doesn’t understand why I’m not sitting down.  And if he’s not there…  Boots likes to grab his space.

Another favorite spot for one the the two ‘cat co-workers’ is on the arm of my love seat – right next to me where I’m trying to work.  It would be most helpful if they would find other places so I could use the space they’re in to lay paperwork, etc.  And while they’re not very accommodating co-workers in that respect, they surely are helpful for my stress and snuggle levels 🐶🐱😺😍

Once upon a time I had an office with a desktop computer – well I still have the office, but rarely use it for actual work since I went to a laptop (which I much prefer).  So, while I’m not crazy about my current laptop, it is my choice of computer.  When I’m in the middle of designing/creating it sometimes looks more like this…. the blanket is to keep me warm😢   So, basically my coffee table is also my desk.  I will tell you though that it goes back to ‘neat’ after I’m finished for the day.

My camera for both my blog and my cross stitch design photos is simply my phone.   I have a new Google phone that does take excellent photos.

Both my blog and my design inspiration comes from – well, almost everywhere – since the title of my blog is ‘Ramblings’, that’s pretty much what I do.  This cross stitch chart was inspired by Koda.

And, there’s the ever present coffee ideas..

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Your work area looks like mine, Iris! I was never a desk person and prefer to sit in a comfy chair or couch to work on the computer and do other types of paperwork. When I taught school I would plump up the pillows in my bed and sit in bed to grade the papers. My husband has never understood how I can work that way but it is just me and what I prefer and feel comfortable doing! I enjoy seeing your furry co-workers!

Em D

Your cross-stitch creations are HILARIOUS! I’m thinking, if I am going to go to such detail to stitch out words, it better darn well be something worthwhile….and yours sure are!

I used to cross stitch a little….I incorporated it into some toddler outfits I made in my 20’s…. I had great admiration for my friends whose stitches were all so perfect on the back, when mine were a mess. Regardless of how yours are on the back, Iris, the fronts bring beaucoup joy!

Love your animal family… I hope sometime we add a cat to ours!

Bettye L Rainwater

I just love your homey home 🙂 Obviously the animals love it, too!

I’ve been thinking about getting a laptop (a NEW one, not another refurb from hell like I had in February) cuz if work from home is going to continue for a couple months yet it would sure be nice to sit out on the patio and work!

Love all your samplers 🙂



Oh, Iris! I love you. And your cuddly co-workers! I love how they’re all competing for that coveted space…right next to you. 🙂

What a cozy work space! And so full of fun details that make it your own. I really enjoyed seeing this. Thanks for inviting us in.

Cathy in Missouri

jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

It is amazing how great the phones do with photos now!! I definitely need to upgrade mine soon to get one with a better camera.
I just love how your fur babies are such a part of your life. That’s what Rob was laughing about in my post…it’s all about the cats. Haha