I love seeing wildlife…

… and the other day I saw a white skunk.

No, sadly that is not my picture, but this little guy looks just like the one I saw.  It was just ambling around in my front yard, digging and munching on whatever it found.

I stood and watched it out my window for a long time.  Too far away to get a decent photo through my window and if I’d tried to go out on the porch Koda would have gone nuts.

I really didn’t want to scare it off, though I also don’t want it to actually “live” near my house (though it probably already does).

It’s pretty difficult to find info about the white skunk (THE ANIMAL) online, but I was lucky to find the above picture.  I don’t think they’re super rare, but not your average little skunk either.  In any case, I felt really blessed that God allowed me to see such a beautiful creature – and so close to my house.


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jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a white skunk. How cool is that??


Ooh, I don’t think I even knew there WERE white skunks! I think even the black and white ones are quite charming, but this white fella is SUPER cute! But yeah, I wouldn’t venture too close if I were you 🙂 It’s always so magical to me when I get to see different creature up close. There’s chipmunks in my yard now, and because of the way part of the apartment is set into the ground, sometimes I see one right outside my bedroom window. I keep meaning to leave some little chipmunk goodies there to keep them coming back… Read more »