Household fixes

Well, sometimes you just need to do things yourself.  Now, there are MANY things that I used to do that I just can’t manage anymore, and that gets pretty frustrating sometimes.

#1 son comes frequently and I always have a list for him.  But I decided I could accomplish this particular chore myself (and save him from having to do every little thing).

The door out onto my deck is probably the most used exterior door in my house and the doorknob had just gotten to where I could barely open it.  I tried WD40 & I tried graphite.  I think it was like me – just too old.  Anyway, between the arthritis in my right hand and the cranky door knob it was getting pretty annoying.

My first thought for a replacement was a nice handle instead of a doorknob.  That would be really easy to open, wouldn’t have to turn anything.

But then…. Boots (smart cat) would have had the door open in no time.   

He was forced to become an indoor kitty against his will and while he’s doing much better, he’s tried and tried to reach up and turn that door knob, he just can’t manage it.  SO, new door knob it is.

I searched online (would have done local, but not going in stores these days) and found one that looked like my old one.  Well, maybe a bit more shiny since the old one had been there quite awhile.

Instructions were actually very clear and easy to understand, I only needed a screwdriver and walla – a little work and my door has a new door knob that I can open.

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