More ‘ramblings’ about clothes

And no, I’m not turning this into a clothing blog.  Nothing wrong with those, I follow a number of them, I just want to ‘ramble’ about a number of things, and today it’s still clothes – and not just for seniors this time.

However, in all my clothing hassles – and this isn’t just because I’m old – I HATE sewn in labels/tags in the neck of a garment.  Guess I was spoiled as a kid growing up because my mother/grandmother made virtually all of my clothes when I was young.  I do have a grandson who was fortunate (ha) enough to inherit that trait from me (blessing or curse?).

A couple of examples – BEFORE I wore/wear them – as you can see – not name brand items 🙂 The one on the right is the easiest kind to remove without damaging the garment.

Then, a tee shirt with the tag gone – its trickier to get this kind out.

And my favorite kind:

Tried to do some ‘label research’ but my I got bleary eyed and stopped.

I do think the Federal Trade Commission had something to do with the tags that tell you how to care for the fabric of a garment – and I agree that info is needed but I’m thankful when these labels are not in the neck.  Apparently Hanes was the first company to print everything in the neck of a tee shirt – YEA HANES.

I LOVE the companies who will print their info in the neck – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them.  Unfortunately there aren’t many of them.  Why?? they would actually save the money of the tags.  But, if a label is necessary, couldn’t they put it somewhere besides in the neck of the garment?  On an inside seam maybe – that’s where they usually put the care labels.

I can promise you – the very first thing I’m going to do when I get a garment home from shopping – is cut that rascal out – and pray I can get every tiny bit of it without disturbing the seams.  Quite a challenge sometimes.  Of course, I don’t really care if it’s a “name brand” garment, I just want it to feel good – and those tags do not!

Maybe I just have a sensitive neck – but those things drive me nuts.

So, if you shop thrift stores and find a top with the tag missing – perhaps it was mine 🙂 or, maybe just someone with my dislike for tags.



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DIY Dog Bed End Table

I found this cute little table online a few years ago and decided I needed one –

You know those ’70s tables that were round or octagonal and had doors.  When you want one they’re nowhere to be found – except in an ‘antique store’ painted and ‘distressed’.  (Did I mention how I felt about distressed?  No, well it’s just as well.)

So anyway, with help from my son who loves poking around in antique stores I finally found this ratty old table – and it was ratty.  Took the doors off and sanded… and sanded and sanded and… well, you get the idea.  And while I sometimes enjoy refinishing furniture – sanding is not a fun part.

Primed with two coats of primer – let cure for 7 days, then 3 coats of yellow and then 3 coats of Minwax polycrylic on the top – which took more time and had to cure 24 hours.  Interior has upholstery fabric glued with spray adhesive, and stapled inside with the nail trim finish.  The interior required a lot of ‘crawling around on the floor.  Waaay too much fun!  And, too much waiting – I am not a patient person!!!

Emma Grace wasn’t shy about trying it out.  She had to ‘break it in’ before it was moved to its permanent location.

So a little while after putting it all together went back in the living room and there’s Frosty – he loved it and used it often.

Now there’s Koda – AND, he likes it too!

The furkids aren’t the only ones to use this table – it sits beside my love seat and holds a multitude of things on top that I want ‘at hand’ – considerably more than in the picture with Frosty 🙂

As I said, I did this project a number of years ago – not sure I have that much energy now, but I’m glad I took pictures and wrote notes.

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Meet Koda…

This is absolutely correct!

I was SO upset when I lost my sweet Frosty  a couple of years ago that my stress level was definitely off the charts. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I cried constantly. I was a mess. Frosty was a 3-1/2 pound teacup toy poodle and a gift from my late husband and was an old man of almost 16, but it almost felt like I was losing Chuck all over again.

And then came Koda………..
He was just a tiny little fluff ball who wormed his way into my heart immediately. This picture was taken when we picked him up. Not sure I’d combed my hair in days and my eyes were practically raw from crying – I looked like the wreck that I was.

He was FULL of fleas, so the first thing in the house was a bath.  He was not impressed.

He was scared and shy but sooo cute and he adjusted sleeping in my bed immediately.

Yes, he’s sleeping sitting up.

A puppy at my age??? Puppies are a LOT of work, have lots of energy and take a lot of time. Perhaps God knew that was just what I needed 🙂

Koda is a “Pomapoo” – pomeranian and poodle, though I don’t see any poodle and poms were a whole new breed for me.  He’s stubborn as a mule, smart as a whip and learns and remembers what he wants to. 🙂 He seriously drives me nuts sometimes, but he also calms me, protects me (at least that’s what he thinks), and is my constant companion. He takes the ‘constant companion’ part very seriously and basically sticks to me like velcro. The name “Koda” means friend (companion) in the Dakota language, and is a perfect name for him.

He is also serious about the ‘protecting me part’ – so I couldn’t resist creating this cross stitch chart – and it fits him so well.

My friend Pam posted this on facebook about Koda:

I dare anyone to step on your property!!
Small and fierce:  Koda
O=over seer

I think that might exaggerate a bit – but he certainly is noisy in his protection.

He’s now almost 3 years old and all grown up into a handsome 9 pound guard dog who is afraid of EVERYTHING. I have no idea why. I’ve had him since he was 6 weeks old. He’s been socialized and has gone to work with me at Stitchers Haven since the beginning.

Summer cut…

He’s definitely my “baby” and I love him to pieces.  I’m sure you’ll hear more about Koda as the blog goes on. He’s sure a sweetie!!! People have asked if he’s a rescue – the answer is yes – “He rescued me”!

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