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So, how do I organize?  Sadly I’m not as good at it as I used to be.  I do think my best organization these days is my cross stitch items and my sewing things.  With both there is fabric, thread/floss, equipment, and of course, ongoing projects.

Cross stitch floss is defined by number.  I don’t have nearly all the colors, but I do have quite a bit and it’s all filed by number so easy to find (this is one of several organizer boxes).  I also have an Thread Organizer app on my cell phone that lists all the floss that I currently own, SO, when I’m away from my stash I can easily look up what I have.

Cross stitch fabric is sorted by number also (number of squares per inch) and/or by color.  I tend to use one of 3 sizes so it’s not that difficult to keep.  I did fall in love with a number of pieces at several of the markets we attended and wound up with quite a nice stash.  Fabric is contained in a chest with multiple drawers.

Equipment and or tools would be needles, scissors, hoops, magnets, etc.  This is the project tray (that I made) for the current project and while it may look disorganized, it really is everything I need for the project I’m working on now.  Included here are my scissors with needle threader, floss, extra needles, pins, hoop, and cute poodle magnet.  It all stays in that tray until I’ve finished this piece and move on to the next one.  There are also multiples of the items shown here that are kept with the fabric.  I can easily loose needles so there’s a stash of them.

Then there’s sewing.  My mother was a seamstress and had waaaay more ‘stuff’ than she could ever have used.  I didn’t keep it all, but I did keep the thread and several years ago a friend gave me this wonderful cabinet to keep it in.  I have it sorted by color and it’s so easy when I want a specific color for a project.

Black and white thread is kept in a separate location as there’s a LOT of it.  As you can see, I won’t live long enough to use all this thread, but it’s sure nice when I’m ready to sew to know I’m going to have the color I’ll need.

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