Fragrances – scents – candles

….can be quite a problem for some people – ME.  I know it isn’t a problem for most people, but for some it can be a definite challenge.  My daughter is the same way – I’m sorry she got that gene.

I can’t wear perfume or cologne, nor can I handle it on others when it’s so heavy.  I always wonder about women who wear their perfume so strong.  Can they not smell it?   I can’t handle candle stores and even Bath & Body stores bother me.

I do burn candles and I can handle most of the ‘food’ scents (you know, cookies, etc) maybe because it reminds me of cooking – but my favorite is PINE.  It’s not a ‘sweet’ scent and of course it’s the most difficult to find.  Usually the pine room spray is available around Christmas time – but not this year.  Now I know, you can buy Pine room spray anytime, if you’re willing to pay the price – I’m not.   SO, I learned that with pine essential oil you can make your own.

I have a couple of those little ‘warmer’ night lights.  The pine wax for them does seem to be more readily available and for that I’m thankful.

Of course, my favorite is my little elephant – a Christmas gift last year from #3 son and family.  (Leave it to my family to find me elephants)

These are made in a variety of different designs – some quite elegant.  I’m just glad there’s some way to have a pleasant smell in my house year round.

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