How did you spend your Monday morning?

Well…… I spent mine at the court house as I was subpoenaed for Jury Duty.

Thankfully after much ado that could have been shortened dramatically, I was released to come home.  No Jury Duty for me this time around, and I’m SO very grateful.

It’s not that I don’t want to do my civic duty – I did sit through all the folks moaning and groaning that they were too ill to be there (then you shouldn’t be there at all), or their business was going to suffer if they were there – or whatever other excuse they could think of.

  • Is Jury Duty any fun?
    • No, of course not! 
  • Does it take some of your time?
    • Well yeah!
  • Is it your duty?
    • I do believe it is!

Another observation – was the ‘dress code’ (or lack of) of the majority of the prospective jurors.  I know we’re an extremely casual society, but good grief.  At least try and look like you might be doing something besides working in the garden, or sitting around a campfire.

I’m just thankful I was in the half who that were called and were excused.  We lived to fight another day! 🙂


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