I Can’t Let Go of……

….well – my house looks like there are a lot of things I can’t let go of.  Not sure “can’t” is the proper term, I think I “could” if I had to, but until then….

This is the monthly addition of “Where Bloggers Live” so join me along with my friends in interesting facts about us.

I had to think really hard just what to talk about here because I’ve been in this world a very long time, and have a houseful of sentimental things.  But, what answers that question best?  Is it my dining room table that belonged to my great-great grandfather, a number of pieces of furniture that belonged to my great grandfather’s family, jewelry that belonged to my great-grandmother… or maybe one of the many things I have that were gifts from Chuck!!

I guess the item that would be highest on the list is the diamond from my engagement ring.  And yes, the ring was a surprise!  The prongs on the ring were in really bad shape – I rarely took it off and years of wear and tear were hard on the mounting (the jeweler admonished me).  So a few years ago, I had it reset as a dinner ring.  The engagement diamond is in the center – not the biggest in the world, but means the world to me (not a very good picture, but…).  After MUCH thought, I think that’s it!!!!

Or maybe it’s the lovely diamond cross he surprised me with one birthday.

My mother taught me to love diamonds and nice jewelry.  She managed a jewelry store when I was growing up and I spent a LOT of time there.  My first job was working there at Christmas time.

Another beautiful cross that I’m especially fond of is a gold one that was my great grandmother’s.  The inscription on the back is:  “Nannie Foster 1870”.

Okay, that’s more than one thing so I’ll stop now. 🙂  Don’t forget to check out all the ‘I can’t live without items’ of my fellow bloggers – I can’t wait to read them.

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