I truly do have so much to be thankful for.

  • My kids
    • My four children are not really kids anymore, but they always will be to me.  They all have kids of their on (hence, my grandkids) that they have done excellent jobs of raising.
  • Kids-in-law
    • I’m so blessed to have REALLY, REALLY good ones
  • Grandkids
    • The really a GREAT bunch
  • Grandkids-in-law
    • My Grandkids chose wisely
  • My Church family
  • My Fur babies
    • Who are such good company
  • My Home
  • My Friends
  •  My caring neighbors
  • Getting to see a wild animal at or near my house
    • deer
    • squirrels
    • chipmunks
    • rabbits
    • the never ending array of birds

And so, so much more.  I am truly blessed



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