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We’re a group of six bloggers who are sharing peeks into our homes and our lives, etc.  Be sure to check them all out.  This is our latest edition and this month our “Where Bloggers Live” is Just Like Home – other places in our lives that felt like home.

Easy answer for me – and I’ve already written a pretty long post about it back in January 2019.  Called ‘the old house’ in my adulthood it was home to several generations before me  – and my grandparents home in my childhood.  My mother and I lived there during WWII when my Dad was in the Navy and my parents built their home next door (well, as next door as you get in the country).

It did have electricity (after a fashion) in my lifetime but no indoor plumbing.  I really hated the outhouse.

I have a painting hanging over my fireplace of the old house.  It was done by a local artist who happened to drive by one day and snapped a picture.   She told them she had painted two scenes, one fall and one spring. Neither are totally accurate – perhaps she didn’t get the best photo. The addition on the left side of the house is not the correct size and the well porch was left off – but close enough to know is was our house.

My parents were at a local art show back in the 1970’s and she had the fall scene displayed.  My Dad was astounded and immediately bought the painting.  She told them about the other one and when we moved back to Alabama my mother looked up the artist and bought the spring one for me (the best present she ever gave me).  #1 son has the fall scene – mine is prettier 🙂

My family lived there for several months when my #3 son was born.  Then it was uninhabited from 1963 until it became mine in the 1980’s and burned shortly afterwards.  It was out in the country (way out in those days) and vandals were numerous.  The gorgeous old wood, door frames and mantles burned quickly.  Chuck had plans to redo it so we could live in it.  It would have been a massive undertaking, but I would have loved every minute.

My home is a little southwest from where the old house sat but on the same property.  I still miss it!

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