Does anyone else have furniture that jumps out and bites them?  Some of mine seem to do it with some frequency.

So, semi-awake in the middle of the night, stumbling back to bed from the bathroom, and what happens?  That darned dresser right next to the bathroom door moves – that sucker jumped out and bit my toe – hard!  (I’m sure it was the dresser’s fault.)

The pain is excruciating as I hobble back to bed.  I can’t fall asleep again ’cause my toe HURTS too much’.

Next morning I research ‘broken toe’ online – there’s lots of information and the marjority simply says “nothing much you can do.  If I go to the doctor, they’ll want to x-ray it.  Then they can tell me:  “you have a broken toe” (which I’ve pretty much already figured out). 

Everything I read said…. stay off of it, elevate it and and put ice on it.  ICE!!!  There is no way on God’s green earth I’m putting ICE on my foot – especially in the wintertime.  My feet are already cold – they stay cold – if I put ice on it – I’d die!

So, I pretty much stayed off of it the first day…. elevated it, took Ibuprofen and tried to rest.

I’ve almost always been the “energizer bunny”, but unfortunately I can’t do that so much anymore.

I think I need “slow turtle” reminders!  So, the next day I had errands to run – limped along and got them done.  It’s not as painful as the first day and maybe I can be that turtle and be a bit more careful 😉

Ice????  What were they thinking??

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jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

My hubby believes in the magical properties of ice too Iris. In fact, I’ll use it now because I know how much it really helps. To counteract it, I’ll use my heated pad and bundle up everywhere else with blankets and everything. Trust me…you should ice it.


Oh, dear! That looks uncomfortable.

Mr. and I seem to be habitual toe breakers. Both notorious stabbers (which is why we’re still wrestling with the kitchen chairs I wrote about).

Once dropped a bowling ball on my big toe… that was gross.

ANYWHO….all that empathizing to say that I know and feel your pain! SO sorry!!!

leslie roberts clingan
leslie roberts clingan

I broke what I thought was my pinky toe but turned out to be my foot. Six weeks in a boot. If this toe gets red or continues to hurt, have it checked. I waited 2 weeks before going to the clinic. Walked 4 miles that day and then decided it was just hurting too much.