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WOW, I have been away for a long time – so now I’m “trying” to get back in the swing.  Thanks to my blogger friends for being patient with me.  And – Welcome to the latest edition of Where Bloggers Live. It’s kind of like HGTV’s “Celebrities at Home,” but…Bloggers! Who doesn’t like to peek behind the scenes and see inside people’s homes and lives.  Here is the “Where Bloggers Live” group – a group of ladies who live very diverse lives.  Be sure and check out their blogs –  Links to their blogs at the end.


So, what’s our favorite season.  I used to say fall, because I love all the fall colors – but over the last almost year, I’ve decided now my favorite is springtime!  So many beautiful flowers starting to pop their heads out and the weather getting warmer.  Understand now, I love flowers – I don’t love having to plant them and/or take care of them.  Both my grandparents and my parents were gardeners and grew gorgeous things – not me.  I do not have a green thumb.  As an example, last year I put silk flowers out on my deck so I could see the pretty colors, but couldn’t kill them because I’d failed to take care of them.

My oldest son and my daughter are both avid gardeners, & they both live close to me now, so they tell me this year I’ll have lovely flowers to look at that will be taken care of.  How’s that for a blessing!!!

Here are a few of last years…

My hubby loved irises – and there are till some gorgeous ones in my yard, the favorite one is already blooming (no thanks to me of course) and I love it:

The iris in my website and blog header is one of his too.  Lots of sweet memories with spring flowers.

One more thing though.  I do love the spring flowers, but I may have decided the best thing about spring is that the weather is getting warmer.  The older I get (which is a lot) the colder I get.  I’m looking forward to much warmer temperatures in the coming months!

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Leslie Susan Clingan

How precious that your husband loved irises and was able to grow such beautiful varieties and that they continue to bloom now. That would be reason enough to love spring best. Glad your weather is warming up. We went from winter to 86* in about a week’s time. And with the warm – hot – temps came the winds. Gusts of 70 mph+ today. YUCK. So nice of your son and DIL to keep you in fresh flowers. Looks like you have a number of very cute planters to grow them in yourself, but silk is soooo much easier!! Glad… Read more »

Bettye Rainwater

Yay! Iris has returned! Like springtime herself (oh gosh), ha ha.

I think of you everytime I see an iris. I wonder if they have them here. We’re still in the azalea, tulip era, with lilacs just beginning to bloom.

Hope your family has created a beautiful garden for you to enjoy. What a gift to have such a loving family. You’re truly blessed.

Welcome back, my friend!

xoxo Bettye

Sally in St Paul

As another fall-to-spring convert, I heartily concur with you on the wonders of springtime! I also do not have a green thumb. I love to look at the flowers and plants, but don’t make me responsible for them. It’s funny, my favorite part of gardening when I was younger was weeding. Not picking out flowers, not planting them, not watering them…WEEDING of all things. Maybe that reflects the fact that I’m better at killing plants than growing them! The iris images are gorgeous! I think of you whenever I see an iris or an elephant 🙂

jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

I understand your thoughts about the weather getting warmer. I swear it’s so nice to have warm weather now as we live here in Arizona.
Rob and I are the same way with flowers. In fact Lesliey gave us a plant for her housewarming gift and she said it was very hardy and we couldn’t kill it. I just want to say right now it has some yellow leaves so I think we’re in the process of proving her wrong!

em d

Iris!!! Very happy to be visiting you today! You were missed!
I do love me a good springtime as well, and I enjoy checking for leaves and buds and the return of my gardens. Everything is a little early this year and you won’t hear me complain one bit! It’s all about the path to summer for me, but spring opens that door.

I planted some irises last year and their leaves are among the first to pop up! I will definitely be adding more. Yours are gorgeous!

Howdy to Koda as well!!