We’re not promised tomorrow

…though we always act like we have all the time in the world.

But when you look back it seems to have gone so quickly, and you wonder – where did the time go.  It almost seems like a different life – but then, I guess it is.

We should:

  • Cherish yesterday
  • Dream tomorrow 
  • but Live today

I’ve said this ever since my dear husband died, and then when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and it hit home harder.

But, we get complacent in our busy living and forget!  I’ll do that tomorrow…

Are your affairs in order?  Do you have a will?  Does anyone know what you want done if you’re suddenly gone?  If you’re online (and apparently you are if you’re reading this), does someone know how to access your sites and take care of them?

If you don’t have that done, I strongly encourage you to do so – whether you’re young or old, sick or in good health.  It will make it so much easier on your family when you are gone – and you might not have tomorrow to do it!

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Bettye Rainwater

A good reminder. I’ve been remiss. I did sign-up for a thing at work so I can do my will at a very reasonable cost…but that was 6 months ago and I still haven’t done it. Katie knows she gets the tiara and the pearl Christmas tree pin. And that there’s an folder on my computer desktop of the pictures I want shown at the..whatever I have. And that I don’t want a regular burial, I just want to be put in a hole in the ground in the woods (a green burial). Caleb is no longer a consideration and… Read more »