Strange cat

Well, actually, I guess all cats are strange – according to us anyway. But my 15 year old one has certainly changed in his old age. He has become MUCH more friendly (whether the adult is interestd or not), and has claimed some interesting places to sleep. The most unusual one (to me anyway) is Koda’s crate. I frequently find him in it just snoozing away.

He also claims “my” bed a big part of the time… it’s close to a window that gives him sunshine.
This isn’t a very ‘gentlemanly’ pose, but…

Then there’s playtime with Koda

And, if i’ve just gotten out of the shower…

A cute little ‘raised bed’ I got for Koda when he was going through opedience training – he’s never used the bed – Boots claims it.

Wintertime it’s close to the fireplace.

Right now – as I type this – it’s on the arm of the loveseat right next to me.

Strange – but like Koda, lots of company.

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