Elephants – bet I have more than you

Do you collect anything?  Everyone should.  Makes it so much easier for family and friends to find gifts.  This is the voice of experience speaking.

I collect elephants.  I have large elephants, tiny elephants, outdoor elephants, planter elephants, elephant pictures, elephant clothing, elephant jewelry, elephant pillows, and even two paintings done by elephants.  And, did I mention large – this  one (also a gift from DH) is a large leather one.

It all started innocently enough many years ago after I’d mentioned that I was awed by the large unusual looking animals.  My husband became an excellent ‘elephant hunter’ – and over the years found many unusual ones for me.

Grandkids have contributed heavily to this collection, especially one particular grandson who I could count on to always have elephants in any gift.  He has practically decorated my elephant Christmas tree single handed.  What, you mean not everyone has an elephant Christmas tree?

I have so many unusual ones, there’s no way to post pictures of them… I lave tiny elephants, big elephants, elephant clothes, elephant bags, elephant jewelry… if you can think of it I probably have it.  Heck, I even have an elephant thumb drive.  BTW, did you know you can wash elephant thumb drives in your pants pockets and  they still work?  Just an aside I thought you might like to know.

I have a plethora of elephant ‘pictures/paintings/whatever’ that go on the wall.  One son and his wife brought this one home from Australia – think they got it at a street market – picture doesn’t do it justice.

Then there are two paintings that were actually done by elephants (different zoo/different animals) – both great:

And not to be forgotten, the original drawing done by my now grand-daughter-in-law

And this, as they say, is not a drop in the bucket… I could keep posting pictures of my elephants all day long and still not finish.  I appreciate each and every one as I know the giver was thinking of me and that makes me feel good.  Thank you one and all!!

So, my house is decorated in “early elephant”  and I thoroughly enjoy them all!  And I think I’ve decided elephants might need another post of their very own.  Another day 🙂

Grace & Peace, Iris



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4 Responses to Elephants – bet I have more than you

  1. Boy, if only you’d thought to share how awed you are by the SPARKLE of DIAMONDS instead of elephants, ha ha! I’m just kidding 🙂 It’s just so funny how one simple comment can create a lifetime of actions.

    As much “stuff” as I have (and have had), I was not really ever much of a “collector.” I collected vintage/antique transferware (dishes & serving pieces) for a number of years when I was ebaying because at auctions I could find affordable pieces. I started with red and white (not the more popular blue and white), and then moved to the more difficult to find brown and white…and always dearly coveted the rare black and white pieces, but nice pieces were quite costly so I had only a few.

    I had them on a shelf above the stove in my house and I never knew what caused it but one afternoon I heard a boom crash and ran downstairs to discover the shelf and shattered pieces of black and white pottery all over the floor. It was heartbreaking. I never had the heart to resurrect that collection. And now that I’ve been moving so much and space is always at a premium in apartments, even my brown and red pieces are packed away in boxes, unseen. I keep telling myself I should sell them as I no longer have room for them and quite possibly never will, but…gosh it’s hard to let go of something so beautiful. My daughter has no interest in them.

    My friend and I used to have a little game between us, I don’t recall how it started, called “I Found the Elephant.” Anytime we saw an elephant picture or figure or reference, we’d snap a picture and send it to the other saying I FOUND THE ELEPHANT! We also gave one another elephant gifts even though neither us has any great obsession with elephants, it just became a fun thing to do. She has an elephant scarf and I have a large necklace with carved elephants…among other things. Funny how these things start!

    I’m sure you cherish each and every one of your elephants, knowing the love with which they were given – that’s always the best part of a gift, anyway.


    • Iris says:

      Bettye – I’m also awed by the “sparkle of diamonds”… love sparkly stuff 🙂

      Great “I found the elephant” story – my youngest son (who is one of the most avid elephant hunters) said I should do a post with pictures of ALL OF THEM. Not going to happen – it would be waaaaay too long as I have almost every variety of elephant imaginable.

      Sorry about your shelf – I’d be heartbroken if even one of my elephants got broken, though honestly I’ve forgotten where some of them came from.

      Thanks for the comments – always welcome.

      Grace & Peace, Iris

  2. Jacki Espino says:

    Great elephants. When we were kids my dad got to collecting Owls — we had owls everywhere. After we were grown and dad was gone, Mom decided to start collecting elephants. She had quite a collection for having started late in life. It helps that they are magnificent creatures in ‘real life’ doesn’t it?

    • Iris says:

      Magnificent creatures – it does help. I love the owl idea too – and owls have become popular of late. As a matter of fact, I have a cute owl coffee cup one of the grandkids gave me – and a cute autumn owl I put out in the fall.

      Did you keep any of the owls or elehants?

      Grace & Peace, Iris

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