Organizing floss

For those readers who are not cross stitchers (horrors) – “floss” refers to embroidery thread.  It comes from a number of different manufacturers and in a gazillion colors.  Each color is assigned a number by that manufacturer (no, the numbers don’t cross lines – that would be too easy)…  For instance, black is: 403 in Anchor, it’s 310 in DMC, 45043 in Sullivan, J.P. Coats is 8403…. etc.

We sell Anchor at the shop where I work, so I’ve converted..

So, as you stitch, you begin to accumulate floss – if you’ve stitched a long time, you’ve got a lot of floss.  Is it just dumped in a box, or….

Well, mine ‘was’ organized (the key word here is “was”) – but as I’d added colors (each new item you stitch is bound to call for colors you don’t have) 🙁  and haven’t kept up the app, nor the actual floss.  It was driving me crazy – so today was the day to re-organize and get it caught up.

There’s a phone app (probably many) that keeps up with them great – IF you enter the info.  I’d been using it for awhile, but had gotten lazy and not kept up.  Cross Stitch Thread Organizer – it’s great – IF you use it.  Keep it up and when you’re out shopping you’ll know whether you need a specific color or not.

So, reasonably caught up – and pleased that my floss is no longer a mess.  It’s neatly filed away both physically and in the app.

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Wow, I love me a good app. Of course I’m one of those non-stitchers, but I love the app idea and love the colors and the plastic containers — maybe I could just collect floss 🙂