Is my new blender smarter than I am???

Oh my goodness.  For someone who hates to have to learn new things (that would be me)…. what have I done???

<sigh>  Decided I seriously need to improve my eating habits (have I mentioned how much I HATE  to cook?) and somehow got the idea that I could pack a lot of nutrients into a smoothie.  Well, yes you can – but first you have to have something to make the smoothie with – then you have to have a gazillion ingredients that do not grace my kitchen cupboards.

Once upon a time I had a blender (it died many years ago) and I’m certain it would not have been sufficient for today’s recipes.  Found some recommendations online and almost had a coronary when  I saw the prices.  Who knew a blender could cost hundreds of dollars??

So, started looking for ideas – granddaughter was here visiting after Christmas and she works part time in a coffee shop that makes smoothies, so she had recommendations.

The new “Ninja” arrived on Monday and while I had read all the info/reviews, etc, just unpacking this thing was intimidating to this old lady.  So, I’ve read every word of the booklets that came with it, duly washed everything, tried diligently to find a  spot in my small kitchen (have not achieved success on that score) and made a long shopping list.  What I haven’t done is make a smoothie! 😢

I seriously think this thing is smarter than I am. 😱


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jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

My friend has one of these and it is one of those “it can do everything” things. At least according to her.
It won’t happen in our household. My hubby would divorce me. He likes food. Real food. Not blended into a drink food. But I can totally see the convenience!!
Can’t wait until you start sharing great recipes….:)


A new gadget! Exciting! You’ll have to let me know how it works! I have coveted the VitaMix for ages but they’re many hundreds of dollars, gah!

My blender I’ve had for years was like $20 new, ha. But works accordingly. Smoothies are never “smooth.” Iced drinks never get to the slushy stage. It’s fine for a quick pulse, but…it can’t really pulverize things.

Be brave, I know you can manage your new blender and create nourishing drinks!


Jacki Espino
Jacki Espino

I hear you, Iris. I’ve had a huge Ninja for maybe two years, and it is as intimidating as hell everytime I walk by it. And the key phrase here is ‘walk by it’ which I have done a million times.

I did buy lots of frozen fruits — which went bad when the refrigerator was replaced last year –, but in all the time they were in my freezer they didn’t get ‘popped’ into the Ninja for smoothies.

So if you would learn to do one, and then instruct me — I’d appreciate it.