Old well

Took this photo in 2008, <sigh> it’s so grown up now you can’t see my house from the well.

This is a hand dug well from the 1800s. The ‘base’ around it is huge flat rocks that are cemented together.  When I was growing up this well was in a screened porch that opened onto the kitchen of my grandparents home (the home was also from the 1800s). That was quite modern in the day as they didn’t have to actually go outside in the weather to get water. It was ‘improved on’ and at one time actually had a pump that would pump water to the “wash house” – which was a small house off the main house where laundry was done.  Wish I had a picture of it 🤨

The house and most of the outbuildings burned in the 1980s. It hadn’t been lived in since the 1960s but held a special place in my heart.

We always planned to renovate it and live in it ourselves. Vandals changed that plan.  After the house was gone, Chuck wanted to knock the rocks down and fill the well in – I just couldn’t…. it’s the last thing left connected to the house and while I’ll never use if for water, I just can’t let it go. The goats always loved laying on the stones next to the well.

That’s the back of my house you can see in the distance.

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5 Responses to Old well

  1. jodie filogomo says:

    Wow…this looks so interesting Iris. It’s nice to have something from so long ago.
    PS…By the way, I don’t seem to be getting your emails now. In fact, I didn’t even think you had any new posts because usually I get the email. I checked my spam, and it’s not in there. Can you check that my email is on your list? Robjodiefilogomo@msn.com

    • Iris says:

      Thanks for the info Jodie – I have no idea why you aren’t getting them – definitely checking on them. I’m seriously trying to post once a week – usually on Thursdays (but will be on Friday this week).

    • Iris says:

      Just checked and your email address is listed correctly – I have no idea why you haven’t been getting emails. Would you let me know if you don’t receive the next couple and I’ll try and figure something else out. I’ve just added myself to the subscription list, so maybe that will tell me something too.

  2. That’s really a nice feature to have in your yard. I think you need more goats to lay around it. My niece has goats at her barn and they are just TOO entertaining. I always want to sneak one home with me.

    My little house on Long Island had an manual water pump in the basement and Katie always thought it was so cool. I liked it as well, even though it was in the way when I was emptying the dryer.


    • Iris says:

      Oh I did love the goats, and yes, my pasture definitely needs them again. They kept things cut down and cleared really well – it’s amazing how fast it’s grown up without them. I’m just not physically able to take care of them anymore. Oldest son plans to move here when he retires – maybe then. There is definitely nothing cuter than baby goats and their antics. I did have them in the house a couple of times when we were having to nurse them.

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