Happy Birthday to me!

… no, it’s not today – but it was this week, and it was a pretty big one – thank you God!  I have entered a new decade (for me), but it really does sound older than I feel.

Had a lovely birthday with #1 son here and phone calls from all of my kids and kids-in-law.  Phone calls and texts from all of my grandkids.  Phone calls , texts and facebook messages from LOTS of friends. I AM TRULY BLESSED and I appreciate all the thoughts and sweet wishes!

This picture of my and my 4 kids was taken at Thanksgiving 2019.  And the next one is 6 of my 8 grandkids who made it for Thanksgiving.  The pictures with kids-in-laws and grandkids-in-laws hasn’t made it to me.  I think they’re lost in the time zone somewhere.  Haven’t they all turned into handsome men and beautiful ladies?!  I was SO VERY BLESSED to have this many of them here at the same time.  I had a FULL house.


#1 grandson had an interesting observation for my birthday.  I’ve said for a number of years that I’m “older than dirt”.  In our phone call yesterday I mentioned that my ‘advanced’ age didn’t feel as old as it sounded and he replied, “Wait, you’ve been telling us for years that you’re “older than dirt”, so now you’re “20 years older than dirt”. 🤨😆  Guess he’s about right!😎

Birthdays were always made to be very special at our house when I was growing up.  It was MY day!  It still is and I take advantage of it and love every minute of it!!!

And as always #1 son has done a plethora of chores for me and is currently out mowing my large front yard.  (Yes, we have grass growing like crazy – the warmer weather and SO MUCH rain.)

It was such an unusual day with all the clamor about the coronavirus. 😳  As of the early afternoon of my birthday there were 36 confirmed cases in Alabama – one in Madison county (next county over from me).

So many events cancelled, offices closed, disruption of life as we know it.  Apparently no stores have toilet paper – now I find that crazy.f

I’m reminded of WWII rationing.  Though I lived through it, I don’t really remember it.  I do still have a ‘ration card’ from the time.  We always had plenty to eat – my grandparents raised the majority of their own food and actually gave a lot of it away.  Not many like that anymore.

There’s more than just toilet paper missing from Alabama’s grocery store shelves.  I understand if you’re looking for children’s fever reducer, a thermometer or dried rice and beans, you may come out empty-handed.

Will we survive this – more than likely.  Will we enjoy it, surely not so far.

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Leslie Susan Clingan

Happy birthday!! Glad you enjoyed your day. Mine is coming up in a few weeks. I certainly don’t feel my age (most days) either. Funny how that works! And a lot of time I don’t act my age…good or bad.

I like the photograph of you with your children at Thanksgiving. I keep hoping to get a good photo with my daughters but when we get together, picture-taking kind of falls by the wayside. Except snapping pics of the grandkids.


Happy Birthday! Your family is lovely and I’m glad you are doing well. Stay safe and healthy!!

jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

Happy birthday Iris. It’s good that it was still a day about you which is what it should be.


Belated Happy Birthday!