Have You Kissed any Frogs today???

There’s a story from our childhood worth remembering.
Tis a tale of a prince turned into frog.
Now he sits all alone and rejected
As he waits for someone to come along.
For, you see, the only thing that will save him
Is a kiss from a princess fair and true.
But chances are that this will never happen,
For he’s ugly and lonely and blue.

Have you kissed any frogs today?
Have you helped someone along life’s troubled way?
Have you told them of God’s amazing grace?
Have you kissed any frogs today?

But then one day a miracle did happen.
A lovely princess finally came along.
She met him, and her heart filled with compassion,
And then she kissed him, and this is what she saw:
That ugly frog was changed into a person,
And all his sorrows from his past had come to end.
Now he’s a handsome prince just full of God’s potential,
And all it took was a help of a friend.

So Christian friend, won’t you heed the story,
For it’s moral is as true as it can be.
All it takes to change the ugly into glory
Is a helping hand to everyone we see.
Even though this may involve some sacrifices
The blessings will by far outweigh the loss,
For the lonely we help in times of crisis
May trust the One who came to die upon the cross!

1977 by Joe Reed.  He was a professional football player for the San Francisco 49ers and the Detroit Lions.

Long ago in another time and in a land far away, my husband and I were very involved as Coordinators in the “Lay Witness movement” .

This is a weekend event that includes meals, times of fellowship, worship, team stories and themed discussion groups. They start with an evening meal on a Friday and finish with a Sunday Evening Celebration Service.

Part of the point being, everyone expects ministers to be “Christians” but hearing testimonies from average, ordinary lay people can sometimes have a bigger impact.

On this particular weekend we were headed to a small church in southern Missouri.  At pretty much the last minute the lady who was to work with the children couldn’t go, so without a children’s teacher, I was elected.  Since this was a full weekend, I was with the children virtually the entire time.  I already knew this little song and since it was something the children could easily associate with I used it as the basis of my weekend lessons.  And, the kids not only loved it, they embraced it.

On Friday night everyone was broken up into small groups with one of the visitors in each group.  After a short time of sharing everyone came together again and one person from each group shared what they’d learned/or gotten out of the small groups.

When it came time for the children, one little boy stood up and said:  “We learned you have to kiss frogs”.  Everyone laughed, and he said:  “NO, don’t laugh, this is serious”.  And so it was.

I truly wish I had the tee shirt that was sold during that time,  it had a same frog on it that they had used on the ‘vinyl’ cover.  He was a cutie.  An old friend managed to scrape up some old photos, though none show the shirt as well as I’d like.  I wore that shirt a lot!

Have YOU kissed any frogs today?

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jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

I bet this was so fun to remember this weekend time!! Out of the mouth of babes!!


Oh and those are great pictures of you in your tee shirt!!


I remember well the Lay Witness Movement. We had a weekend one in my home church is WV when I was in Junior High in the early 1970’s. They were wonderful events and I remember really growing in my faith that weekend. Thank you for a fond memory today and thank you to you and your late husband for being coordinators!