Poor Customer Service

I wr0te a post recently about exceptionally good customer service.  Here’s one about very poor customer service.

I haven’t shopped in stores since March – for good reason.  But really wanted some new casual ‘wear at home’ tops that didn’t cost a fortune.  We have a Belk’s Department Store in Guntersville that I’ve shopped at in the past so of course I get a gazillion emails from them with sales.

So, I clicked the link and actually found a cute top that came in a couple of colors.  Does anyone else hate to pay shipping?  I do.  But these two tops could be picked up curb side at my local store.  I could drive to the store, stay in my car, and have my purchase brought to my car,  OR SO I THOUGHT!

So, I received an email telling me my order was ready to be picked up.  Got in my car and drove to town, checked to let them know I was on my way and guess what.  Their pick up time didn’t start till 1:30 (over an hour from the current time – would have been nice to know that before I drove to town).

So, I killed an hour and drove to their parking lot (which was FULL with LOTS of people apparently shopping).  Parked and let them know I was there…. and waited, and waited and waited and… well you get the idea.

It was hot that day, full sun, you only want to run your car so long for the AC.  I waited HALF AN HOUR.  Found their ‘pick up phone number’ and called.  I let it ring a FULL 5 MINUTES – no answer.

First of all, I don’t wait well under comfortable, pleasant circumstances since I have the patience of a gnat and there’s nothing in the world I want that badly

By that time, I was SO annoyed, hot and tired.  I came home.  Obviously I sent them an email, told them to cancel the order  and submitted a review.  Received an email back, “Oh, sorry about your experience. However, there is good news! Once your belk.com order is ready, you have 10 days to pick up your order. You will receive an email reminder 24 hours before your order is returned to inventory and a refund is processed.”

Now,  to begin with that was not particularly good news, and what do you think the chances are of me making a second attempt to pick up that order again?  I can tell you, slim and not at all.

I didn’t except any flowers or pleasantries – but I did expect for my order to be cancelled, however when I last checked my credit card – there it still was.😠

And so… as yesterday morning (17 days after the order was placed)  there it was on my Belks card.  It took 3 phone calls (disconnected from two of them) and over an hour this morning to get it straightened out.  I did FINALLY get a live person on the phone.    I apologized to her up front for sounding annoyed and angry and told her the whole long story.  She was very nice and helpful and tells me she’s credited my card.    I thanked her profusely.

So, it was back to Amazon where delivery is just a couple of days (with Prime) and I’m sure I’ll enjoy these just as much as the originally intended ones.

I’m beginning to embrace ‘animal print’ thanks to my blogging friend Jodie.  She actually ‘virtually shopped for me’ and found me a really cute leopard print top (at Amazon) that I’ve already worn several times (and always get compliments).

Oh and by the way.  The belks credit card is already cut in pieces, never to be used again!

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How frustrating they couldn’t do the click and collect order properly for you, and that they didn’t refund you right away! I haven’t been shopping in person either, I much prefer online shopping right now, especially when the kids are so little and touch everything in stores, haha!

Hope that you are having a lovely weekend 🙂


Good for you, Iris, for standing up for yourself with this situation! You were not treated well by Belk! The two Amazon tops are really cute. I’m embracing animal print as well and have a couple of tops I enjoy wearing.

Leslie Clingan

Such a shame. We don’t have Belks but did shop there when we were kids in Tennessee. On a visit to KY, I did find some great boots there. And having rediscovered the store, ordered a few things online from them. But have forgotten about Belks until I read your post. I am so sorry you had such an unpleasant and frustrating experience. Thank you for sharing so we can all be aware. I need to write up a post about something frustrating that happened to me lately with an online purchase. Jodie is adorable!! She found me some darling… Read more »