Emma Grace ~ are most cats strange?

It seems mine are strange – but then, maybe all cats are!

I have two, I’ve written several posts about them, but haven’t really focused on Emma Grace. She’s the little girl of the household (other critters are boys) and she’s a scaredy cat. She’s a rescue (from a tree in my yard) so perhaps she had a rough childhood before she came to me.

She’s the smallest animal in the household, weighing in at just over 6 lb and the oldest. I rescued her in July 2006, so she’s 14 now. She was totally wild when I found her and it was a chore catching her – had to coax her down out of the tree with some salmon – she was quite hungry.  I then used a fish net to catch her. Kept her in a large crate until I could tame her down a bit and get her used to rest of the animals – and them her. That’s when I had little Frosty and she became devoted to him.

She’s become very protective of Koda now – even though he will chase her and she will run.  Don’t let him cry or yelp for any reason or she’s right there to check on him.

She has come a long ways, and is much more tolerant of visitors than she once was. She loves to sit on the arm of my love seat while I’m working – and will crawl in my lap if I allow her. However, she HATES to be picked up. She wants the lovin’ but she wants it on her own terms.  She also kinda likes to sit on my laptop if it’s on the coffee table or maybe on “my seat”

She and Boots don’t interact very often so I was surprised to walk into my bedroom recently and find them laying almost within touching distance of each other.

Another  favorite place of hers recently is to move the pillows on my bed and get in the middle of them.

Doesn’t improve the appearance of my carefully made bed though!

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She is such a beautiful cat and it’s nice you were able to give her a safe and happy home! 🙂

Hope you are having a lovely weekend 🙂


Awww…Emma Grace is a beauty and how lucky that she picked a tree in your yard so you could coax her down and give her such a loving home! Yes, I think all cats are strange in their own ways. They definitely have their own personalities and ways they like things done! I’m much more of a “cat person” than a dog person for sure. Cats warm my heart and make me smile. Great post, Iris!