I Can’t Let Go of……

….well – my house looks like there are a lot of things I can’t let go of.  Not sure “can’t” is the proper term, I think I “could” if I had to, but until then….

This is the monthly addition of “Where Bloggers Live” so join me along with my friends in interesting facts about us.

I had to think really hard just what to talk about here because I’ve been in this world a very long time, and have a houseful of sentimental things.  But, what answers that question best?  Is it my dining room table that belonged to my great-great grandfather, a number of pieces of furniture that belonged to my great grandfather’s family, jewelry that belonged to my great-grandmother… or maybe one of the many things I have that were gifts from Chuck!!

I guess the item that would be highest on the list is the diamond from my engagement ring.  And yes, the ring was a surprise!  The prongs on the ring were in really bad shape – I rarely took it off and years of wear and tear were hard on the mounting (the jeweler admonished me).  So a few years ago, I had it reset as a dinner ring.  The engagement diamond is in the center – not the biggest in the world, but means the world to me (not a very good picture, but…).  After MUCH thought, I think that’s it!!!!

Or maybe it’s the lovely diamond cross he surprised me with one birthday.

My mother taught me to love diamonds and nice jewelry.  She managed a jewelry store when I was growing up and I spent a LOT of time there.  My first job was working there at Christmas time.

Another beautiful cross that I’m especially fond of is a gold one that was my great grandmother’s.  The inscription on the back is:  “Nannie Foster 1870”.

Okay, that’s more than one thing so I’ll stop now. 🙂  Don’t forget to check out all the ‘I can’t live without items’ of my fellow bloggers – I can’t wait to read them.

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Very, very pretty jewelry and making your engagement ring into a dinner ring was a good idea. What a beautiful ring it is!


They are beautiful pieces! I think that the special jewelry that has a history is such a treasured item to have, I wouldn’t want to let go of any pieces like that either!

Hope you are having a good week 🙂

Daenel Vaughn-Tucker

Oh my heart! What beautiful pieces of jewelry. I cannot imagine owning something that belonged to my great grandmother. And that it’s inscribed? Heart melting. I also love that you turned your engagement ring into a dinner ring. Now I’m wondering if I should have my ring looked at… I’ve worn it everyday for 26 years.

Bettye L Rainwater

Oh gosh, I always feel like jewelry just gets better and better over time. I have a heart locket brooch that – oh gosh, I hope I have this right – my grandmother gave to my cousin when she had her first child…and my cousin gave to me when I had Katie…and someday I will pass it on to Katie…it’s a little dented and a lot scratched up, but knowing all the love it has held over so many years is far more important to me than its imperfections. Lovely that you have these beautiful reminders of people that loved… Read more »

em d

Your jewelry is lovely! No surprise that you would treasure these pieces.

I didn’t realize that people shouldn’t wear their pieces every day, although it is now making sense thanks to you. I had to have my engagement ring reset…they told me that only two of there prongs were holding it together. It isn’t something I think about but it makes sense!

Thanks for sharing you expertise!!!

jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

Oh, see those are things that are never really past their prime Iris. They are so sentimental and heck, worth good money too!!!
I love that you had the diamond reset. It’s wonderful when you basically upstyle your jewelry this way.

Leslie Susan Clingan

What absolutely lovely and very precious keepsakes. I am terribly hard on jewelry. Never remove my wedding or engagement rings and you can tell that I don’t!! They are always gobbed up with soap and dirt and food. Love that you created something special with your engagement diamond. Such a pretty dinner ring. And those crosses are both such keepsakes. I asked my daughters for a cross one birthday years ago. One daughter bought me a sparkly, flamboyant rhinestone cross and the other daughter bought me a tiny simple gold cross. They remind me of the beautiful contrast in your… Read more »