Warrior Queen – that’s me!

And that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!!!

I’ve been missing from action on the Blog front for awhile now. My only posts have been as part of my “Where Bloggers Live” group. But, I’ve decided to get up, put on my big girl panties and deal with it!!!!

I seriously hate to moan and groan and complain, so it suffice to say, my health hasn’t been what I’d like for it to be lately.  Nothing drastic, mostly back stuff, arthritis & bursitis, compressed fracture, slipped discs (all very painful and VERY annoying).  I have a very low tolerance to pain (meaning I’m a wimp – a cry baby) and a high tolerance to pain meds (not a good combination) – and the OTC stuff is doing virtually nothing – and certainly not anything for me – besides not being good for the rest of your body if you take too many.  I’ve been fighting this now for several months – and who knows – may be for even more – but…. it is NOT going to beat me!!!!


Soooo, my latest purchase on Amazon.

#1 son was loaning me an ugly black one – BUT, if I’m going to use one I want a pretty one…






I’ve been feeling sorry for myself!  Enough of that.

I surely don’t intend for this post to be a ‘poor me’ one.  Just updating those who care on my health status.  Remember, I’m ‘older than dirt’ but I plan to keep going for a long time to come.  Thanks for reading – say a prayer for me if you’d like!

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Oh, I’m so very sorry you have been feeling bad and having pain! I’m lifting you in prayer right now. The cane is beautiful. Blue is my favorite color and it is so pretty! You’re right…you are strong and a warrior queen! Hang in there and it is wonderful to see you blogging again!

Leslie Susan Clingan

I am so sorry your aches and pains have been getting to you. Chronic pain can zap your energy and your joy. We both have back issues over here and have begun stretching again. It always helps relieve our stiffness and discomfort but we don’t always want to do it!! Hope you can find something to bring you some relief. In the meantime, what a snazzy cane!! Good for you to get something you like. Maybe breaking out your scrapbooks or starting a new cross stitch would be a pleasant distraction to help you set aside your pain for a… Read more »