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We’re back….. here’s the latest edition of “Where Bloggers Live”.  Our fearless leader is Bettye – she keeps us organized and on track (quite a job).  Be sure to check out everyone’s post – they’re always entertaining and links are at the bottom of my post.

Has it really been a month since our last Where Bloggers Live post?  Doesn’t feel like it.  anyway – here goes.

This month is movies – and probably is one of my most difficult one.  Favorite movie – I must have one, I’ve seen a lot of movies during my lifetime.  Though it was VERY different “back in the day”.  One either went to the movie theatre or to a drive in.  And, it was a major treat to go to a movie.

Nowadays we can just sit back on the sofa and watch them on our TV.  Of course there are still theatres – my #2 son took me to one in Dallas a couple of years ago where they served you dinner – while you’re sitting watching the movie.  (Yes, I very much out of date with lots of things).  I have no idea what the movie was, but I do remember the food.

Some of the movies I remember watching in theatres that made a lasting impression on me.  I’ve seen all of these more than once and enjoyed them just the same.

the Ten Commandments (1956)

the Africin Queens (1951)

the Sound of Music (1965)

the Parent Trap (1961 remake) starring Lindsay Lohan in a dual role – note, this is the ONLY movie remake that I’ve liked.

You might notice that ALL of the movies I’ve listed as favorites are quite old (well, so am I).  I can’t really say I’ve seen a movie in the last large number of years that I’d consider a favorite – and certainly not many from today’s world.  I don’t listen to vulgar language and words in my daily world, why would I want to listen to them on the screen.

There’s maybe a few more favorites that I can’t think of – but this gives you a clue about what I like and don’t like.  I don’t watch scary movies, I don’t watch dog or cat movies (they’re always too stressful and emotional for me), I don’t watch war movies, I’m not crazy about romance movies.

  • Scary movies are just that – they make me stressful and scared
  • Dog/Cat movies – again, make me stressful and afraid – what if something happens to the animal.
  • War movies – too stressful
  • Romance movies – some are just plain goofy, some have poor endings, some I could write the ending myself.

All that to say.  If I’m going to watch a movie I want to be entertained.  Chuck used to say “you just always want a happy ending” – YES, I do.  I’ve watched all of the above type movies – but none are my favorites!!  Happy Endings and no stress are for me!

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Daenel T.

I remember going to the drive-in to see “E.T.” My sisters and I were so excited. That was the first and the last time. LOL

I loved The Parent Trap – original version that you listed – and used to sing all the songs. It was just a fun movie.

Leslie Susan Clingan

Sound of Music…one of my very favorite movies ever. Should have been on my list, too!! And West Side Story with it. The new one and the original with Natalie Wood. Such great movies. I do like war movies. Not sure why. I cannot tolerate horror movies or scary movies but the horror of war seems different somehow. Agree that romances are often so silly or predictable. Comedies are often not very funny. We have gone to the theaters that serve meals a couple of times. But I prefer just going to our neighborhood theater and having popcorn. Nothing better… Read more »


I actually like all of the same movies you posted, Iris! We must have the same taste in movies. I liked both versions of the Parent Trap-such a cute movie! Sound of Music is always a favorite and I like the Ten Commandments but they showed it a week earlier than usual this year and I missed it!

Bettye Rainwater

Ahh, The Sound of Music! That has been a favorite since I first saw it at the movies when it first released. And it’s so good because you get older and understand more of what’s going on in the undercurrent, you like it even more. PLUS, while I’m not a musical person per se, I DO love ALL the music from The Sound of Music.

Good choice, Iris!


jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

It sounds like we talked to each other before our posts. We both want the same things from movies and don’t like the scary ones, haha!!
Parent Trap. Yes, that was the one when I was sure I had a twin and she was living with my dad. If only!!

Sally in St Paul

Ah, The Parent Trap. Yes! My sister and I watched that many times as kids on the Disney channel…though not as many as the Hayley Mills movie Summer Magic, which was my sister’s favorite.