What I do in my “spare time”

Not that I have that much – somehow I manage to stay pretty occupied.  Not necessarily busy – but not just twiddling my thumbs either.  Retirement was an adjustment – and then I had my painful health issue – so now I’m trying to settle in and be productive at least a little bit.

Think I’ve mentioned before that I have a small cross stitch design business.  I’ll never be able to swim with the big boys, but it gives me something to focus on.  I market them online at my own online shop, on Etsy and to a wholesale site.  I won’t make big bucks, but it keeps me busy – AND, I enjoy it.

Sadly, I’m not the artist some of my ancestors were.  I have some gorgeous paintings done my both my grandmother and my grandfather who were both very talented.  A couple of my favorites.

I didn’t get that gene. 🙁  SO, my designs are mostly humorous sayings – I guess I specialize in “old people, coffee and animals”.  Lots of things to say about all of those subjects – but then there are others too…

But, one of my older ones, and most popular is…

If you’ve managed to get this far – thanks for stopping by.

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I think you did inherit the artistic gene from your grandparents. You just express it through needlework rather than painting. The artwork in your post today is all very impressive!