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The actual title is “how we blog, process, get inspired“!  This is one of the most challenging blogs I’ve attempted as part of my lovely group.

As you may know – “Where Bloggers Live” is a group of ladies from around the country who post about their homes (inside and out), towns, and generally their lives.  Be sure to check their links below to read about them.

So how do we blog?? – looks pretty easy from the outside, or at least it did to me.  I tried a number of blogs before this one – though non quite as detailed.  But, I’ve not found it super easy to stick to any kind of schedule and the further I go, the more difficult it is to come up with an interesting topic.  Several of our group are fashion bloggers – so their main topic is pretty set (makes it sound easier).

But, I’m an “anything” blogger.  The title of my blog says it all – “ramblings”.  I think I originally started it to spotlight my cross stitch, and maybe work on some genealogy – but I have definitely ‘rambled’ away from either of those.

So, it would seem that my blog journey was an easy one.  Just blog about whatever is going on in my life/the life of my fur kid, etc. etc.  Sounds easier than it is.  Probably because these days not much going on my life.

At any rate, sadly – I don’t have any ‘trade secret’ to share with you.  I tend to just pick something that I’m thinking about, something that happens (not much happens around here), or something I see.

I’m anxious to read all my friends posts on this subject as I’m sure I’ll gain some knowledge from them.  Bettye is our fearless leader so be sure to check hers and all the others in the group.

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I love blogs like yours, Iris, that cover the daily life things. I find that interesting and relatable. So glad I found yours!

Daenel T.

Blogging is hard. Fun but hard. Even with a topic, it’s hard. To be honest, I love the rambling because it feels more genuine and conversational.

Sally in St Paul

It’s funny but I agree that having a main topic does make it easier to write posts regularly, even though it *sounds* like blogging about “anything” would be the easiest thing in the world. Of course you could just post photos of that gorgeous doggie and I’d be happy as can be.

jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

I think ramblings can tell us more than you think. Even when nothing happens in the real world, there are always things going on in my head and I always want to share. That’s why I love having people join in on my email, because I feel like it’s more personal there.

Bettye L Rainwater

I enjoy your ramblings, Iris! It’s like reading your autobiography, one chapter at a time… All the stories and experiences that make up your life. Things happen randomly in life…so I think it’s okay to post about random things as the mood strikes 🙂


Em D

I think I lean toward team Iris on this one…both with the difficulty of sticking to a schedule and the type of topics I tend to cover. I love that you keep things short and sweet. You always manage to get to the point and are never superfluous. I should definitely try to follow that lead. I started blogging as a way to keep myself accountable for whatever I was working on because, as this month’s topic clearly proves, I’m a bit of a chaotic person. In contrast…it’s exactly consistent with someone who is so creative and patient to both… Read more »