Snowmageddon in Alabama..

…. is what we had on the day after Christmas.  No, not like Buffalo or anywhere in the cold north.  But, it sure was a mess.  Extremely cold air – with snow.  There was enough to coat most everything – including the roads which had snow AND ice.  And, remember, we don’t have the resources to really take care of that situation.

Adding to it in my family, #6 grandson and his wife were coming to visit his Mom and Dad (#1 son & DIL). United Airlines really messed them up flying from Minneapolis to Alabama.  So, long story short, they got as far as Chicago and rented a car to drive to Nashville where  #1 son would meet them and bring them the rest of the way here.

The story gets worse – #1 son left home headed to Nashville – he got almost as far as Huntsville (35 miles from home) and road closed over Monte Sano mountain.  He turned around to come back home and try another route.  He got back as far as the Tennessee River and the bridge was closed.

The kids got a hotel in Nashville and #1 son stayed with a friend on that side of the river (maybe 10 miles from home).

He finally was able to pick them up the next day.  By then the roads were semi passable – police were escorting 10 cars at a time over the mountain.

We don’t do well with snow in Alabama!  ❄️ ❄️ ❄️


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Oh my! It sounds like your family had quite the snow adventure. I’m so glad that they were safe and got it all sorted out. I pray that your 2023 brings only good things, Iris! Thank you for your lovely blog.