Another edition of “Where Bloggers Live”

This month is a really exciting one (NOT to me) – “our kitchen pantry or closet”.  Now that definitely sounds like a challenge.  But come on into my house and let’s check out my kitchen storage places.

As you may know – “Where Bloggers Live” is a group of ladies from around the country who post about their homes (inside and out), towns, and generally their lives.  Be sure to check their links below to read about some of their interesting kitchens.

Now, remember, I’m not a cook – I have cooked back in a different lifetime when I had a hubby and hungry kids – not not so much these days.

So, we’ll start in the most important part of my kidchen:  My coffee station with the cabinet over it.

So we’ll move on to the baking supplies (my DIL brings her own if she has to bake at my house 🙂) and the cabinet under my microwave that’s sort of a catch all.

And, then my pantry, which is actually at the end of my laundry room (which is attached to the kitchen).

Please note there’s an elephant on the top, and a cat at the bottom not being the least disturbed that I was trying to take pictures.  Actually at one point I had all that stuff organized, but those annoying little elves came in and rearranged or something and now I have no idea.

Told you I wasn’t much of a cook!

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Leslie Susan Clingan

You don’t have to cook too much these days because you have that great son and daughter-in-law who live next door and help out with your meals. I am sure partially because you cooked for them for years. And of course, they LOVE you!! Glad to see the elephant on the top of the pantry. Almost standing guard for those elves. But they still find a way into our spaces. I try very hard to keep my pantry organized and PC rarely goes into it because we have a snack cabinet right beside it which is primary interest. The snack… Read more »

Bettye L Rainwater

Oh I would love a coffee station. But I can’t make coffee to save my life. I’ve tried so many variations: instant, drip, french press, pour-over, percolator…different machines, different brands, different grinds…doesn’t matter. If I make it, it’s bad. But I love the concept. And Toaster Pastries! They look like Pop Tarts. Are they the same? Have you had both? Which do you like better? I used to love a pop tart spin-off, like “danish go rounds” or something…they were like oval and “twisty” and the icing and filling were really good. I loved them so they discontinued them. That’s… Read more »

jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

OMG, I love that you have toaster pastries. Gosh, I haven’t had one of those in ages. I wonder if I would still like them?
Love that the cat decided to be part of the photos…cutest photo bomber ever!!

Sally in St Paul

Prioritization is key, so the emphasis on the coffee station makes 100% sense. Love the elephant + cat decoration of your pantry 🙂

em dirr

Love that you’re a gal with priorities! Coffee above everything! THE best way to get through the day!! Your sentence about your DIL made me think of my son, who date checks EVERYTHING we stock as if he will die of poison at our house. Not that that’s the reason your DIL BYOs, of course…but it did spark the thought about our son, haha!