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This month is another real challenge for me – “my favorite website????”.  Who knew folks had a favorite website???  Now that definitely sounds like a challenge.  But come on into my house and let’s check out what I really like.

As you may know – “Where Bloggers Live” is a group of ladies from around the country who post about their homes (inside and out), towns, and generally their lives.  Be sure to check their links below to read about what other’s like online.

Okay, so this shouldn’t have been such a difficult one.  I racked my brain for several weeks trying to think: “what’s my favorite website”  That’s a really difficult one.  I can visit a LOT of websites in a single day’s time.  Well, there are always “MY” websites – but I’m not sure that’s the point of this subject.

So, some of you know, I’m working on a book – for my family. Like most families, mine has a rather intresting  history.  But, unlike most families – it’s just mainly in my head and when I’m gone, the stories and history is gone.  I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, and always just felt “I didn’t have time”!  That’s a stupid reason.  “I’m retired and I have all the time I want if I just ‘make it.”

So enough rambling – my favorite website is….. “Find A Grave”.

No, that’s not spooky, there’s a lot of history on this site.  Some of it came from me when I was thinking about this book several years ago.  It’s really interesting what you can find.  Maybe there’s a cousin or even Aunt & Uncle on there that you’re not familiar with.

I’ve actually spent a good bit of time on this website just looking at tombstones and reading them. It’s fascinating and I can get carried away sometimes. If you’r not familiar with it, check it out. You might find a relative there.

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Leslie Susan Clingan

What format are you using for your book? Are you self-publishing? We just joined a writing group and one of the men published a memoir through Story-Worth. It is a beautiful book and very well done. I am thinking of buying it for us. Funny you should mention Find a Grave. I used that site to find my grandmothers’ and grandfathers’ headstones. I keep the site bookmarked with my maternal grandmother’s grave so I can visit her once in a while. When she died, my parents thought it was better that my sister, brother and I not attend the graveside… Read more »

Bettye L Rainwater

Gah! I’ve used that site! When I’ve needed birth and death dates for various relatives…it’s been easier to just go there than to go searching through my old records!

That’s pretty cool, Iris! Plus, glad to see you wrangled the internet and got your post up!



I can’t wait to check this out Iris! I do love the title, but it genuinely sounds fascinating! It reminds me of an old friend’s true story. He was in his early 70’s and would go for long bike rides. He pulled into a cemetery and was planning to go into the office to ask for help locating a “resident.” It was a really hot day and he was feeling a little lightheaded, but he tried to move past it and went into the office. He walked up to the clerk’s desk and said “I’m looking for a grave…” and… Read more »

jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

I have to say that I wouldn’t have guessed this one. I would have thought your choice would have been something to do with elephants. But I can see how this would be so cool.
Lesley on my blog loves old cemeteries and they really do have so much history and interesting people there.

Sally in St Paul

OK, so this favorite website was 100% NOT EXPECTED – I love it. My husband likes doing genealogical research so I will pass this on. Aren’t old cemeteries/gravestones/crypts/etc. surprisingly interesting?