My house feels different…

…and it is.  We are minus one of the inhabitants.  It’s a four legged one but it still hits me hard.

Sitting on my computer

Emma Grace was a rescue cat – a kitten when I got her.  Someone just dumped her.  I cannot imagine ever doing something like that and I wouldn’t behave well if I met the person who would do a thing like that!

The other four legged critters were different than the ones now, but she got along with all of them.  She was a really shy cat, but when I retired and was home most of the time, she finallhy decided I was her person  and she wanted to sit in my lap while I was working on the computer – that didn’t work, but she took advantage of the arm of the loveseat where I sat.

Laying on my Cross Stitch bag

In front of the fireplace

She wasn’t a youngster and it became more and more difficult for her to get around.  I took her to my regular vet and she did a quick exam and gave her some antibodics – which did nothing.    My normal vet then went on vacation, so I got an appointment with one in the next town who was highly recommended.  A friend went with me – I didn’t think I could do it alone.  I was really pleased with the vet’s services. and may be changing the vet I use.

I brought her home and #1 son buried her for me.  She was always a sweetheart and was 17 years old.  I haven’t  stopped missing her.

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Oh dear Iris, I am so very sorry to hear about Emma Grace. I am just seeing this today and I send my prayers and sympathy. We have mourned so many beloved fur babies over the years, each one their own “person” and we still dearly miss them. I understand. Our homes never feel the same after these losses. Please take good care.


Hugs. I know the feeling of losing a beloved pet. Just any empty feeling for a long while.