What are my Favorite Kitchen Tools/Appliances

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Today’s post is “Favorite Kitchen Tools/Appliances”.  Now anyone who knows me well knows I hate to cook.  I fed kids and DH for a lot of years and they could all really eat!  I could do it, but I didn’t have to like it.

I have a DIL who is a gourmet cook – she “loves to cook”.  She lives next door to me and feeds me regularly 🙂  and my sons and daughter are no slouchs in the kitchen.  They did not get that gene from me.

So, what ARE my favorite appliances? Well, actually I do have a couple of things that make the kitchen easier – number 1 is of course the microwave!!!  I can reheat things quickly and the new veggie packs at the grocery store work great in the microwave.  I’ve had to replace my old one a few months ago.  It was my first red one (from son & DIL) and served me well for several years.  So I, of course, had to replace it with another red one.

But I have to tell you about my very first microwave.  It was a Christmas gift from my MIL sometime around 1970.  They had just come out to the public and were extremely expensive at the time.  It was HUGE, weighed a ton and had a definite learning curve.  But once I got it figured out, I was hooked.  That thing wasn’t replaced until the early ’80s.  There are been a couple since then then – had to have a red one this time – as my kitchen is decorated with red accessories.

On to more red – my toaster was a gift from #1 son & DIL a few years ago.  It’s a 4 slot one – must have 4 slots because when many people are here it’s essential.  I do really like my small toaster oven.  It’s great for heating up something that doesn’t work well in the microwave.

Of course there are the essentials – dishwasher, oven, fridge, mixer, etc.

Then there’s my cooktop – it is definitely NOT a favorite, and there’s a story there.  I had a smooth top electric cooktop that we had moved around to several housese because I liked it so much.  THE easiest cooktop in the world to clean.  Well, I’d had it since 1984 and it started to die so had to replace it.  Now, this happened not long after we’d had an ice storm that shut down out electricity for about 4 days.  Everything I had was electric.  I had to go to my neighbor’s in the morning for coffee, they had a gas stove.  Remember from the beginning of this post I said I don’t like cooking – well…… I like it even less on a gas cooktop.  HOWEVER, in the event I lose electricity I can make coffee.  I have a gas cooktop and a french press – I can survive.

My choice for coffee though is – my “red” keurig

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Leslie Susan Clingan

Goodness, I am so late with my blog reading. But how I love all the red. We have similar tastes in red appliances and a love of elephants. My gas stove runs very hot. Even the low setting is more like a medium flame. But it gets everything done in a hurry which is a plus. I have a similar red toaster oven that is also a toaster. That red crockpot takes the cake!! When my black one gives up the ghost, I will definitely need a red one.


Hi Iris: Your microwave story reminded me of our first microwave-a wedding gift when we married in 1983. It was also huge and I had no idea how to really use it at the time. My husband thought it was useless! I laugh because now, I couldn’t live without a microwave in the kitchen. We use ours multiple times per day! Love your red appliances.

Em D

Gosh, I remember our family’s first microwave…. It was so complex and I think my mom and I went to a cooking class for it. Of course, we hadn’t realized at the time that it really wasn’t great at “cooking” per se. Just reheating. Although it does make a mean, fluffy scrambled egg. LOVE all the red! We have a red crockpot and the color just makes things fun. I am so with you on the stove…priority one is “easy to clean.” Our recently tossed stove was gas on glass and even handled boil-overs very well. I can see why… Read more »


Ooh, your red appliances are so fun, Iris!

I don’t think I had a microwave until 1990 when we reno’d the kitchen in our first house. It was a nice big over-stove, under-cabinet-mount one with an exhaust fan. After waiting so many years for one, I was really pleased with it. I’ve only had smaller, counter-top, someone-else’s-leftovers since then and have NOT been so pleased. But it’s still better than heating things on the stove 🙂


Sally in St Paul

Your red appliances are so great – I love them! I have to admit that I don’t know how to use a French press. I really enjoyed the MIL microwave story. 1970 is really early to have your first microwave!

jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

It’s so funny how you and Em included a microwave. I just call that part of the kitchen, hahahaha.
The best part is that you love red appliances!! Now that’s a bold woman.
BTW, my blog model, Lesley feels the exact same way about cooking,