It’s Cold in Alabama

…and has been for over a week.  A little snow, ICE and wind chills at or below zero.  I want to know what happened to global warming???  It’s surely not here.

Everything has been closed.  You couldn’t drive anywhere.  Remember, it’s Alabama.  We don’t have anything to work on the roads in cold weather.

We’re supposed to be warmer this next week.  I’m already ready for spring.

This is my first post in MONTHS, and it’s been a rough time between my health and the weather.  I’m thankful I have a roof over my head, heat and water and a family and friends that care and look out for me.  Koda and Boots have been good caregivers too.

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Leslie Clingan

Hey friend!! Hope it gas begun to warm up in your neck of the woods. Glad you have some furry friends to help keep you warm in the meantime. We’re supposed to be up to 70° this week. Hope it doesn’t fool us and then turn cold again. So glad to hear from you.

We’ ve had really cold weather here too, Iris, and it is miserable! Where we live, we get snow even when the city doesn’t really get anything. I don’t like to go out on the roads when there is snow and, thankfully, now that I’m retired I don’t have to which is a blessing. I’m so sorry that you have experienced health issues. I love reading your blog and have missed your posts. Please take good care of yourself. Your fur babies look like they are being good nurses to you!

Daenel T.

Em, I’m sorry to read about your health issues. I am happy, however, to read that you have Koda and Boots to keep you warm. People don’t understand how hard it is living in warm states that have to face cold temps, we aren’t prepared. We don’t have the proper clothing, street cleaning equipment, etc. It really is a problem.