Clothes (fashions) for senior Women

It is SO difficult to find clothes. I don’t want to look like I’m trying to be 20 years old, but I don’t want to look like I’m ancient either. I don’t need ‘adaptive clothing’, at least not yet 🙂  I want my pants/jeans to come to my natural waist and I don’t want them to look frumpy – now that’s a chore in itself.

I don’t particularly like pictures of myself these days, but will post this one my DIL took of me (if you’ve already seen it on facebook, just keep moving).  I’m wearing my very first pair of ‘super skinny’ stretch jeans AND, they come to my natural waist – not sure how that happened 🙂   Have had them in my closet for awhile and wasn’t brave enough to wear them, and they turned out to be quite comfortable.  The top I actually got at a craft fair and I do like this style – fuller at the bottom, sleeves that cover my upper arms and a neckline I can live with.

Went shopping with my DIL while they were here and we visited a shop I’d never been in (and I live in a pretty small town) .  Actually found 2 outfits, complete with matching ear-rings – and at reasonable prices. Now that’s a miracle –  Cato’s a cute little shop that I will definitely visit again.  My DIL found outfits for her style too, so I’m going to be more enthusiastic to shop in the future.

Here’s a cute pair of pants I would wear but just a smidge out of my budget at $1000+.

Try doing a google search for “high waisted pants”…. VERY annoying.  I do not want my pants to be below my belly button!!!  I have no problem with others wearing those but obviously either google or the sites they reference do not know the definition of “high waisted”.  There are a few sites that actually have high waisted pants though I’m not sure exactly who they are made for, I wouldn’t wear them to a worm wrestle!  This was one of the first ones google found – it’s at Nordstrom

Now I ask you – does that look like it’s ‘high waisted’ to you???

My upper arms look my age – do I want to show them off – not particularly! And I surely don’t want a top that’s cut down to my navel for heaven’s sake.

And have you noticed (no probably not) that even online shops that might cater to seniors have models that don’t look older than 40ish – and many look much younger. Now, that’s particularly annoying! Are there no older models out there?   An online company that actually has clothes that I would wear (and have ordered from) with decent necklines and some choices with longer short sleeves (longer short – is that an oxymoron?) still has seriously young looking models  . Models are attractive, but I’d like to see what clothes look like on seniors.

So, I complain and it does not good.  Thanks for letting me vent…. It’s so much easier to just look frumpy though.

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This outfit is fabulous!! You look like a modern, well put together woman!!
I think you’re right about showing older models…it makes it easier to imagine the clothes on ourselves. I almost think that’s why we need more older bloggers, maybe then retailers will get the message!!
As for those high waisted jeans….I always have to laugh and ignore some of the photos. Most of those models are way tall….and I’m a shorty, so the perspective is totally off. I like it better when they give measurements, so I can compare it on my body!!


I agree with you about the high-waisted pants. I don’t want pants that don’t cover my belly button either. Every time I’ve tried some, I’ve spent the day trying to hoist them up. We seniors have big buying power — I don’t understand why the fashion industry doesn’t cater to us more. As you say the models are young — just as models for plus size fashion are thin. It doesn’t make any sense to me!

It’s always nice to find a store that has things you like — and you look great in this outfit!


Susan Lunardini
Susan Lunardini

Iris, you look great. I don’t understand why the designers have not caught up with our aging population. I too do not want any sleevless or God forbid, capped sleeves ever! I need pockets and many designers never have pockets or when they do, they are so shallow you cannot even keep a quarter from rolling out when you sit. In general, the fabrics are creepy and too many designs or flowers for anyone my age. Bought a fairly expensive long house dress with embroidery on the yoke last year — pockets too — and enjoyed it until I washed… Read more »

Bettye L Rainwater

Frumpy *is* easier! But you look so great in that photo of you! You look MODERN, not like you’re trying to NOT look your age. And you look comfortable in your clothes and that’s so important!

Trying new shopping locations can be surprising! I’ve wasted lots of time thinking “Oh, I don’t like their stuff” about a place when I’d never actually been inside…and then been pleasantly surprised when I DID venture in. So do try new shops…AND those jeans that have been hanging in your closet, unworn – ha ha!