Life events & blog tweaking…

How’s that for a title???

So, first of all, today my little blog is 6 months old.  🙂  Woo Hoo!  So, “Happy Birthday Ramblings”.  How time flies when you’re having fun, right?

So, I’ve decided it’s time for some ‘tweaking’.  I’ve been trying to post twice a week and that has become a chore.  I wanted this to be fun, not work – so I’m cutting back to a weekly schedule with extras during the week as time/energy permits.

Now for ‘life events’…. If you keep up here, you may remember that I fainted and fell back in October.  None of the tests showed anything until the Holter monitor – which I wore for 48 hours and felt no different at all.  I thought it was a waste of time.  However, it did show irregularities with my heart and the Cardiologist that I’ve seen feels that’s what caused the fainting episode.

Paroxysmal Supraventricular tachycardia (PSVT) – and for all you non-medical people out there – that’s fancy words for “an abnormally rapid heart rythym arising from electrical activity in the upper part of the heart”.  And if you are medical – just yell at me if I’ve got it wrong.  Hopefully in this case it can be managed by meds, which I am already on.  A visit to a Cardiologist in a couple of weeks who specializes in this problem will tell me more.

So, I basically have a ‘short circuit’ in my heart. Could be a lot worse and I have MUCH to be thankful for!


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2 Responses to Life events & blog tweaking…

  1. jodie filogomo says:

    Hopefully the medication will be the answer, Iris. It’s scary when weird things happen to our body like that!

    • Iris says:

      It is scary – even when I know that as you get older all sorts of things can go wrong with one’s body – just never expect it to MY body.

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