Fun day – Part 2 – Lunch in Waco

So, after wandering around Magnolia Market we were ready for some late lunch and DIL knew just the place – “Health Camp”.  This place has been there since 1949 – and while the name sounds healthy – I’m not sure the food is 😄, but it sure is good.

It doesn’t look like it’s changed much since it opened.  DIL used to visit it when she was in school at Baylor.

The hamburger, onion rings and milk shake were to die for.  We’re not talking fast food here either.  The milk shake menu was two long columns.  I had butter pecan while #2 son and DIL had some form of chocolate.

We were not there at regular lunch time, but they were still doing a thriving business.

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entretien ménager gtp

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Bettye L Rainwater

Now I want a milkshake 🙂

We have a place like that here – not a chain, been there forever, the decor and menu has never changed…and there are usually lines out the door just for a quarter pounder with cheese and some fries, cuz they’re That Good.


jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

That’s hilarious that it’s called Health Camp!! But I’d be getting the milkshake too!!