Point of Grace Church

I love my church – Point of Grace. I love the fellowship, the Praise and Worship, the Pastor and his sermons, and the coffee  ♥

Yes coffee… and usually donuts on Sunday morning.  It’s where I normally head first. 🙂

There are no friendlier people on the planet and I felt at home the first time I walked in the door.  There’s always someone at the door to great you and make you feel welcome.

One of my favorite things is Praise & Worship – and ours is great – a mixture of Contemporary and old favorites.  Our Leader is Kendra Smith and she has a great team (they’ll probably be real excited to see their picture here 😏).

Brother Randy Evers is my pastor and he manages to get an excellent sermon into a short period of time.  I appreciate that!  Pam Evers is usually found in the nursery – and we seem to have a pretty good number of little ones.

Point of Grace is a small church on Hwy 79 in Guntersville.  We have talented men in our congregation who have created a brand new stone sign, with stone on the front of the building and a spiffy new entrance.

So, if you live in the area – or are just passing through…. we’d be happy to have you join us on Sunday – service starts at 10:00 AM and is usually out by about 11:15 AM – and of course, there’s coffee.

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4 Responses to Point of Grace Church

  1. jodie filogomo says:

    What a wonderful place to worship, Iris. Having friendly people is the best part!

    • Iris says:

      I think that’s the first thing that drew me to them was how friendly they are. Can’t beat that.

  2. Ooh, nice little coffee bar there! *I* might even go to church if I thought that’s what awaited me!


    • Iris says:

      🙂 Bettye, you’re a mess! Just hop on down to Alabama – I have a guest suite just waiting for you – and we’d love to have you on Sunday morning. But yes, I LOVE the coffee bar. There’s always water and somewhere in the bin of coffee is hot chocolate – though why anyone would want that instead of coffee is beyond me.

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