Who has new yellow curtains???

…that would be ME!

Have I mentioned that I love yellow?  Yeah, probably several times 🙂  It’s such a cheery/happy color, reminds me of sunshine.  I have a couple of yellow pieces of furniture that I refinished a few years ago and still enjoying them.  Posts are here and here.  AND, there are yellow curtains in a couple of other rooms in my house!

Anyway, back to my new yellow curtains…  I’d had the same curtains up in my bedroom for over 10 years.  This pillow is the same as the curtains I just took down.  I really love the colors in this too, but just ready for a change.

I’ve almost always bought the fabric and made my own curtains – didn’t do that this time.  I’ve looked for months and it’s just cheaper to buy them ready made than make them myself.  There’s very little bargain fabric these days. 🙁 Not quite the quality as if I made them, but they’ll do.  However, I didn’t remember taking down/putting up being quite the challenge that it is now.  Oh wait – I’m old, so many things are a challenge. 😉

The bed has undergone several different coverings, but all have been lacking in much color so I’m pleased with this new quilt with some bright colors.  The only thing it lacks is elephants.  🐘  I do have elephants though – notice the soft throw over the back of the chair – a Christmas gift from #1 son & his wife (the she always finds elephants).

And yes, those are shades on the windows.  Yes, I live out in the country so theoretically there’s going to be no one seeing in my bedroom windows – but… the squirrels 🐿 can look in 🙁  Soooooo – ALL of my windows are covered at nighttime!

I’m still loving my headboard, but so much more now with the bright colors.   If you’re interested, here’s the post about the headboard.

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jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

The yellow really brightens it up so wonderfully, Iris. It’s true you can buy so many things cheaper than making them yourself now. It’s crazy.