Happy Thanksgiving

…and I’m especially blessed this year. Not only do I have a houseful – but it’s my daughter’s birthday today – and she’s here.

I have all 4 of my children, 3 children-in-law, 6 of my 8 grandchildren and their spouses/fiance.  If you’ve given up on counting – that’s 18.  WOW, I didn’t think I’d see this many of them together in my lifetime since they all live in far flung places from me – we have Missouri, Texas, Tennessee, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota and California represented – all here in Alabama!!!

 So as you can imagine – I’m writing this post ahead of time.  Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I’ll have lots of photos of all of them.  Stay tuned!


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Bettye L Rainwater

Happy Thanksgiving!

I can never get over how much your daughter looks like you!

So glad you had all that family around you for the holiday. I hope you had a wonderful time.

xoxo Bettye