My Old Barn

Yes, it really is old – older than I am – so that’s REALLY old.  I believe it was built in the early 1900’s.  Unfortunately it hasn’t had much TLC in a number of years so is not in very good shape.  Hopefully in the next couple of years some work can be done to maybe prolong it’s life a bit longer.

It has a large open hallway with 2 stalls on the left side and a double stall area that has a raised floor and narrow stairway leading up from the floor to where the corn was kept.  The right side has 4 stalls on the right side with a stairway out of the hallway going up to an attic type area.  There are ‘windows’ open to the hallway from both the upper sides.

It has housed a multitude of things during it’s lifetime.  I know for sure there were horses and mules.  I know there was cattle, but don’t know if they were in the barn.

There was always corn stored on the top left side and hay on the right.

The area at the bottom of the stairs had an antique hand-cranked corn sheller.  Looked much like this one.

I LOVED to go to the barn with my Grandmother and shell corn for the chickens…. and she probably appreciated me cranking that thing.

Unfortunately it was stolen out of the barn not long after she died.  That was a long time ago, but still has sweet memories.

When we had snow a few years ago a friend took pictures.

Things are growing up so rapidly without goats or horses 😟🐴🐐  But, I just can’t take care of ‘critters’ any more 😪

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Leslie Susan Clingan

Oh, if that barn could speak!! I would love to hear tales of the animals that called it home. It has such personality. I have a favorite photo of the barn of a former boyfriend years ago. It was also taken in the snow and your barn photo reminds me a lot of mine.

So glad to find your blog! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my last post. Will enjoy visiting and reading your blog often.

jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

That photo with the snow really is fabulous!!
What a wonderful story of memories it holds.