What do you drink your coffee out of?

Coffee mugs?  Coffee cups with saucers?  To Go cups?  And, does it matter?  Well, obviously the most important thing is THE coffee.  There are some in my family that would say I’m a coffee addict – and they’re probably right.  And, I’m picky about “the” coffee.  I don’t want dishwater – I want coffee.  An online friend sent me  a package of a brand I’d never even heard of after a previous discussion.

My go-to coffee is Community “Dark Roast”.  Chuck got me started on it many years ago when he was working in Louisiana and I spent about a month there.  I came home convinced – and back then it wasn’t available in Georgia (where we lived at the time) or in Alabama when we moved back here.  However, it was able to be purchased in Texas where #2 son lived, so we always stocked up when we visited and if I got desperate they would send a care package.

Okay, back on topic here.  (And before you ask, “No, this isn’t all of my coffee mugs! 😆) Since I’m a coffee lover and coffee “mugs” are an easy gift, I do have a plethora of them.  The center bottom one in this photo was from grandson #6 when he was a kid and raising money for ‘water buffalo’.

Amazingly coffee mugs can trigger memories, my “50th birthday mug” (wow, that was a long time ago), my “I love Mom” mug – and that was even longer. The Grandpa & Grandma mugs were sent by #3 son to tell us they were expecting their first child.  The dark one on the middle row turns light with elephants 🐘 all over it when coffee is put in it. 😊  That one came fro #1 son and his family.

And when we traveled I frequently bought a mug from our destination.  I have special memories from my Branson and Niagara Falls mugs.

LOTS of mugs relating to elephants.


The inside of this mug says it perfect!!!



Australia and Malaysia – mugs from #2 son’s travels.

SO many mugs, SOOO many stories! 😉💗

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Terri Gardner

Hi, Iris What an incredible mug collection! We’ve collected a few too. If they break, I put them out in the garden for insect and frog shelters or whatever creepy crawly want to live in them. If I look at a mug and have can’t remember why we have it, more than likely it will be given to DAV for some one else to enjoy. I have one cabinet shelf for mugs and have to be the mean one in saying, “we don’t need any more mugs”. As far as coffee, we have converted to 1.2 & 1/2-half caffeinated and… Read more »


Your mug collection is wonderful, Iris! We, too, have lots of mugs and especially ones we have picked up on trips. It’s hard to let them go, although I have done some clean out of mugs. I drink tea so my mugs aren’t coffee mugs but tea mugs! My sisters all drink coffee, though, and they would agree with you. They don’t drink dishwater either! I had to laugh when you said that because it sounds like them! What a fun post. Enjoyed it!


You have so many cute coffee mugs! I find I have a collection of mugs even though neither hubby or I drink coffee or tea. I like drinking hot chocolate in winter, or soup in them sometimes! 🙂

Hope that you are having a nice week and have a lovely weekend ahead of you 🙂