Christmas Light Show

Christmas activities have been severely curtailed with COVID and our numbers here just keep going up and up and up.  So, while many people continue the activities there are none I am comfortable taking part in and since I don’t drive at night anymore – no lights to see.

There was an article in my local newspaper about a family who does a drive up Christmas “dancing light show” and it started on Friday after Thanksgiving.  Two of my sons were here so we went.  It was fantastic and made a wonderful memory.

It’s out in the country and while this is their 12th year, somehow this was the first I knew about it.  I was so engrossed watching I didn’t even take any pictures, but here’s one from their facebook page.  Doesn’t nearly do the whole thing justice though.

The Gilliland Family Light Show is very simply a family who has gone to a lot of effort to share Christmas cheer with others.  It’s a half hour show set to music (you tune your car radio to the proper station).  You don’t get out of your car, just watch and enjoy.  The light ‘curtain’ (which doesn’t show in the above photo) is 60 feet long on either end of the house and many different parts are moving and ‘dancing’ during the show.  They start working on it in late October and it runs from the night after Thanksgiving through New Years. They say the show is their family’s way of giving a Christmas gift to the community.

I, for one, LOVED IT!

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Oh I do love looking at Christmas lights. It used to be a favorite activity with my mother when I was younger, then with Katie…then just last year I discovered a friend enjoyed it also, so we went, but she just moved out of state 🙁 So now I’m trying to coerce another friend into going with me but she’s so not into it. Guh. It’s just not that fun alone.

I really admire the families who participate in these over-the-top decorations – they bring such joy!



That looks like a lovely display! There are less places in our area doing Christmas lights displays this year but I’m hoping to still see a few – there are a couple of addresses nearby I want to see but it will depend on how things go this year if we have time, haha!

Hope that you are having a nice week 🙂

jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

Gosh, what a fabulous way to see Christmas lights. I love the idea that you tune the radio to it!! How perfect is that??


This sounds wonderful! What a beautiful Christmas tradition!