Where Guests would come….

…. if they came for Christmas this year!

Well here we are again – your Blogging world’s “Celebrities at Home,” but…Bloggers!  Who doesn’t like to peek behind the scenes and see inside people’s homes and lives?  There’s a group of 6 of us who have been sharing our workspaces, homes, towns, etc. for almost a year now.  though because of COVID we don’t expect to see guests this year at Christmas – you can still see where they might stay. 😰


My main guest room is upstairs and I rarely go up there unless I’m about to have guests (or write a blog post about it 😉).

We added an addition to our home 20+ years ago and it has served well for kids and grandkids (it’s purpose in life).  Each room in the addition (both upstairs and downstairs) are named – not by me but basically by #3 son.  Of course they are, doesn’t everyone have their rooms named?   We had the addition built but did all the interior finishing ourselves and yes, the walls are paneled – and yes, that’s because that’s what “I” wanted (I know, not popular these days – but I’m not a very popular person).

Upstairs there’s the:

  • “FROG Room” (family room over garage)
  • Guest room (I know – the dullest name)
  • Barbie room – originally housed my large collection of Barbies – then became youngest granddaughter’s room when they lived with me for awhile.  I’m in the process of re-doing it to make it more comfortable for grown kids.
  • And  a bathroom

Downstairs in the we have the:

  • Garage (one side houses MY car and the other ‘stuff’)
  • Chuck’s “workshop” which today houses tools and stuff he would never throw away that frequently comes in handy.
  • The “GRUB Room” (guest room under Barbies).  That room was originally Chuck’s office and now is an additional guest room when bunches of family are here.
  • And, a half bath

The top of the stairs empties into the GRUB room where where’s a large Christmas tree in the front windows (please don’t tell anyone that tree has been up for 3 years – it’s just too much for me to handle taking it down).  It only contains lights and can be seen from the road near my house.  I did add additional LED lights this year and it shows well – from outside.  Of course I only turn on the lights at Christmastime.  Bettye, note the cute wicker cat carrier I use as a decoration.

Chuck made the cornice over the window – as he made the ones in the main part of the house (at my request).  They were my birthday present one year.  The room also contains a large TV (bought by #2 grandson), a large seating area and a pool table.

So, the pretend guests who will be here for Christmas will have access to a large family room that will hopefully give them something to do. (Works pretty good with grandkids).

So on into the guest room, which is pretty basic, but a good sized room.  It opens onto a deck that has almost never been used.  The bedroom suite is one we bought unfinished almost 40 years ago and “I” finished it.  The tops have a gazillion coats of polyurethane on them.  It was a LONG process.  The lamps are even older.



The Barbie room just next door is in transition right now so does not have a bed there. It was originally a great room for grandkids (hence the daybed with trundle that’s now in the FROG room).  Then it was youngest granddaughter’s room when they lived with me for awhile.  So now – I’m working on it!


For ‘real’ Christmas decorations it’s back downstairs (and I’m not even finished there).  This is my new living room ‘pencil’ tree.  It fits where I can sit and see it and it’s lightweight enough that even I can manage it.  I Love Christmas decorations!

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it’s great you have so much extra space and the rooms look lovely! 🙂 It’s nice you have been able to use the rooms a lot in the past even if they will be empty this Christmas. Sad to hear that.

Hope that you are having a great week! It’s a wet and stormy one here, summer rains have arrived!

Leslie Susan Clingan

Oh, Iris, your home is so inviting. Wish it could be filled with family for the holidays. We have packaged wrapped and ready for the little ones who live in our same town but not sure if or when we will see them. Just love the pencil tree. Would like to take some time and look at each ornament. I am sure they are all special. I like the paneling. It gives the areas a warmth. And a cozy, cabin feel. You do have a lot of space for company. Now for life to just return to normal so we… Read more »

Daenel T.

I’ve discovered a lot of folks keep their trees up and, after this year, I think it’s kinda nice. It adds a bit of whimsy.

I used to collect Barbies too. They’re so extravagant and beautiful.

jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

I love that you keep that one tree up all year long Iris. In fact, we ought to do that to make life easier. We could always decorate it seasonally!!!


Your work area looks like mine, Iris! I was never a desk person and prefer to sit in a comfy chair or couch to work on the computer and do other types of paperwork. When I taught school I would plump up the pillows in my bed and sit in bed to grade the papers. My husband has never understood how I can work that way but it is just me and what I prefer and feel comfortable doing! I enjoy seeing your furry co-workers!

Em D

Your cross-stitch creations are HILARIOUS! I’m thinking, if I am going to go to such detail to stitch out words, it better darn well be something worthwhile….and yours sure are!

I used to cross stitch a little….I incorporated it into some toddler outfits I made in my 20’s…. I had great admiration for my friends whose stitches were all so perfect on the back, when mine were a mess. Regardless of how yours are on the back, Iris, the fronts bring beaucoup joy!

Love your animal family… I hope sometime we add a cat to ours!

Bettye L Rainwater

I just love your homey home 🙂 Obviously the animals love it, too!

I’ve been thinking about getting a laptop (a NEW one, not another refurb from hell like I had in February) cuz if work from home is going to continue for a couple months yet it would sure be nice to sit out on the patio and work!

Love all your samplers 🙂



Oh, Iris! I love you. And your cuddly co-workers! I love how they’re all competing for that coveted space…right next to you. 🙂

What a cozy work space! And so full of fun details that make it your own. I really enjoyed seeing this. Thanks for inviting us in.

Cathy in Missouri

jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

It is amazing how great the phones do with photos now!! I definitely need to upgrade mine soon to get one with a better camera.
I just love how your fur babies are such a part of your life. That’s what Rob was laughing about in my post…it’s all about the cats. Haha