Flea Markets and Antique Stores

I love to visit flea markets and antique stores.  It’s always interesting in the antique stores to see things just like I grew up with (and probably threw away – or buried in “the hole”) actually for sale.  No, I don’t buy them, but I do enjoy looking and occasionally find something I can’t live without.

“Pickers Choice” is a local craft/antique market with a gazillion vendors and lots of “stuff” where one can wander for a very long time. I’m not sure if it’s a ‘flea market’ or antique store, or maybe both combined.  Was a furniture store back in the day and they’ve done an excellent job converting it to whatever it is now.

The little marble top table that I now have in my new guest room came from there and I love it!   (You can read about my new guest room here.)  It’s the perfect size and looks great.  I called them after I was there and they were holding it for me.

I came home from work a day later and #1 son and DIL surprised me with the table.  What a lovely surprise gift and it cleaned up and works perfectly in the space I wanted it for.

So then… I needed a nice/cute lamp to sit on it.

  • Do I have a lot of lamps at my house?  (Yes) 
  • Do I have lamps I’m not using at my house? (Yes) 
  • Do I have a lamp I liked for that space ? (NO)

So a few days later #1 son and I stopped at Packard’s Antiques in Huntsville.  Now this one is pretty much a real antique store and it’s quite large.  This cute little lamp was priced really low and I thought it would work fine – got to the checkout and found it was 50% off.  Now, that’s my kind of deal.  I just happened to have the lamp shade at home (imagine that) and it fits perfectly.

Yeah, I really needed another piece of furniture and another lamp…  but it sure is pretty and I LOVE the marble top.  I have to go upstairs occasionally just to look at it. 🙂

Don’t have many ‘real’ antique stores in the town I live in, but Huntsville has quite a few.  Going to have to take a day and just go looking!!!

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Leslie Susan Clingan

What a great couple of finds. Glad your son and daughter-in-law surprised you with the table. Very sweet. And it is perfect for your guest room. Love the smallish lamp on it, too. Perfect together. We have very few real antique stores here. Mostly flea markets with lots of ‘fleas’ and very few goodies. Your guests will be delighted to stay in your lovely space.


Beautiful table and lamp, Iris! I like looking around in antique stores too. I often see things considered “antique” that I grew up seeing at home. I guess that means I am an antique now! I know what you mean about having things but not the “right” thing to use. Good for you for finding the right thing!


that is a cute table and I like the lamp too! What nice finds! 🙂 We don’t do a lot of antique shopping but there are a few places around here for that!

Hope you are having a good weekend! Was a busy day yesterday so will be a relaxing one today!