Irises, Elephants & Antiques….

…. all in my bathroom. And, “bathrooms” is the subject of this month’s “Where Bloggers Live”.  We sure have some interesting topics sometimes.

I’m fortunate to at this stage of my life to have multi bathrooms, though that certainly wasn’t always the case.  When my sons were growing up, we had ONE, and it was a pretty small one.  Now the only time I need these extra ones is when family comes – but they’re surely a blessing then.

I’m going to focus on “my” bathroom.  It’s bigger than my kid’s rooms were when they were growing up and bigger than I need, but I’ve been using it for 30+ years and I’m thankful for it.

You might notice the cats share the bathroom with me – two litter boxes!

Then there’s my ‘vanity’ and no, that’s no clutter those are necessities!  (And of course, Boots had to be in the this picture too – there’s a water bowl there.)  Love my little ‘bench’.  We got that at a 2nd hand furniture store so MANY years ago I can’t even count them – and it’s been a God send.

I’m sure by now you understand I could just keep on showing you elephants and irises – this has barely scratched the surface.  Both items make great gifts – so more come all the time 🙂

But the last of this entertaining reveal and certainly not least are my favorite things.  A dresser set that belonged to my grandmother (It is silver and really needs polishing.)  I wonder what she would think of me keeping dog treats in the larger of the cut glass containers? 🙂 Each piece is monogramed “MM” (her initials before she married my grandfather).  I was named after her (Margaret is my middle name) and she was a VERY SPECIAL LADY IN MY LIFE.  I remember this set sitting on her dresser when I was a little kid – I use the mirror every day of my life and LOVE having it.

Be sure to check out everyone else’s post – I’m interested to see their bathrooms too. 🙂

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Bettye L Rainwater

The antique dresser set is so lovely. How wonderful to have something special like that from your grandmother.

Ooh! Do you use your whirlpool tub?

Ha ha, Madison (the puffy cat) always used to love going in the shower or tub after I got out. Cats iz funny.

Thanks for sharing!

How precious to have your grandmother’s dresser set!! It is absolutely beautiful. Your bathroom is lovely. Having the bench in there is so helpful. I laughed when I saw boots in the shower. Our Cassie always has to go in the shower after it is used. She has a hobby of watching the water go down the drain! What a great idea to use towels for curtains! I would have never thought of that!! Really enjoyed your post.

jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

I would have known it was yours just with all the elephants and irises!! I love the beautiful dresser set. What a wonderful sentimental reminder!!
And so cute that Boots joined in!!

heather noire

Such a great bathroom. I love the way it is put together and that cat is adorable 🙂

em d

That is indeed a spacious bathroom! Such a clever idea to use towels for the curtains ( I could never do that at my house or the dopes I live with would be drying their hands on them. Still, genius!) It was your last picture that will stay with me, though. My grandmother kept a set on her dresser. It was so elegant. I can picture a little Iris admiring it, because a little Mary did the same thing. I love that you have it and use it every day!