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Another edition of “Where Bloggers Live” – an interesting twist at seeing us in our normal surroundings, doing our normal ‘stuff’.  And, it seems “stuff – or junk” is the subject this month.

I wasn’t real excited about it, but don’t misunderstand.  I definitely have plenty of “junk”.  And, when I started thinking about it, I definitely have more than one junk drawer.

That said, I’m focusing on the ‘main’ junk drawer in my collection.  That would be the one in the kitchen that holds, a large variety of tool related stuff….. a hammer, several screw drivers, nails, pliers, flashlight and who really knows what else.  Of course you understand when I go to look for something specific – it’s hiding under whatever it is I don’t want.  I should probably clean it out, but heaven knows I’d throw away something really important if I did.  My picture simply shows the drawer pulled out as far as it goes without being taken out and that’s definitely above my pay grade.

Oh wait – there’s elephants in there.  Imagine that!  A junk drawer in my house that has elephants – “they’re everywhere, they’re everywhere, they’re everywhere”. 😀

I did take another quick picture… this one is “one of” my sewing junk drawers – and there’s my grandmother’s “sock darning egg”.  Not that I’m actually using it, but surely wouldn’t get rid of it.  And a tennis ball – who knows how that got in there.


So there you have a peek at some of my junk.  Be sure to check out my blogging buddies for their take on this month’s “Where Bloggers Live”

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Terri Gardner

Love your sewing junk drawer and your grandmother’s darning egg. It looks in perfect shape. Your main junk drawer just seems really like a toolbox with all of the fix-it necessities. And everyone needs a couple of elephants around to protect stuff! Take care, Terri

em d

That’s an excellent collection, Iris! I love that you have all of the necessities guarded by those elephants! Seriously, in my head, I do think it’s comforting to find actual “junk” in a junk drawer…things that simply make you happy for which you don’t necessarily have a specific place. I would have lots of those kinds of things in all my junk drawers, but that Mr of mine would be nagging me about them all this time, haha. So…I’ve been trying to stick to the necessities.

Your sewing drawer is perfect!


I smiled at the elephants! the contents of junk drawers can really change and get wilder over time! 🙂

Hope that you had a great weekend 🙂 We made the most of the warm sunny days after a rainy week 🙂

Leslie Susan Clingan

So happy to see those little elephants in your first and official junk drawer. You absolutely can’t clean or rearrange that drawer now. They belong in there!! We had a tool drawer for awhile but I wound up moving everything out in the garage. Thought that would free up the drawer for better uses but it just filled up with more junk.

I have my grandmother’s darning egg, too. Decided to put it out in my loft. I am definitely not using it for anything more than a conversation piece.

jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

I did purge my darning sock egg….what was I thinking?? Because I do darn socks if I’ve knit them. Do you know how many stitches are in socks, haha??
I love that elephants reside around your entire household!!


It’s always interesting to see what people keep! Our junk drawer has a lot of craft materials we are keeping away from the kids – scissors and superglue and tape, things like that, haha! I’d prefer they were supervised when playing with such things!

Hope that you are having a great weekend 🙂 Thankfully the rain has stopped here!

Bettye L Rainwater

I love this so much! It’s like going to a great old estate sale and peeking in the drawers. LOVE love the old yellowed thumbtack board! Isn’t it funny how some things seem charming after a scertain age? And I could so use a variety of screwdrivers like I see in there. I don’t know if I threw all mine out, but somehow I am left with only a VERY large one and a VERY small one…and the most useful would be a middle-sized one. Before I read the text below the picture I was like, what are those scrolly… Read more »