Genealogy – and the pain that it can be.

…. okay, I’ve been struggling all week over a subject to write about.  Talk about ‘writer’s block’ – apparently that’s my problem.  So, I’m just writing what I’ve been thinking about – no pictures here, so pretty boring post.

I’ve been dabbling  in genealogy this week, but nothing really exciting to post here.  I have done some research looking for new (to me) genealogy software for my computer.  I’m not real pleased with what I’m using – been using it for years so am pretty familiar with it, but due to a computer crash last year, I lost ALL my data and just haven’t had the inspiration and/or time to put it all back in.  Did I have it all backed up – of course not.  And, I could just hear Chuck saying, “back up, back up, back up”.  I’m trying to be better now, but that doesn’t help for the past.  My current software is Legacy Family Tree and if anyone has suggestions for another one I’m open to checking it out.

Another thing that hinders me in this software search is that I’m cheap.  Yes, I know most of them you can “try for free” and I may wind up trying a couple, but I just don’t have the resources to pay big bucks for expensive ones, so the ‘try for free’ doesn’t really help.

And, you know there’s SO MUCH information out there – and much of it is conflicting, who knows what to believe unless you can find real documents.  Again, VERY time consuming.  I have been involved in “Find a Grave” for a number of years and there’s tons of info there (MUCH of it incorrect), and some accurate – but you have to know or be able to verify any of it.

I’ve been slowly (VERY slowly) working on a book for my family for a long time.  There’s so much info that’s only stored in my head that I’d really like for future generations to have – not that they’re particularly interested right now – but maybe one day.

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Sorry to hear that you lost so much data and have to start over again! My Grandfather got a friend who was a historian to do up a family tree history for his birthday and it was fascinating to read! I think we have a copy somewhere at my parents place, it goes back quite far and it’s interesting how many of the men in the family have the same name! While I took my husband’s surname we did give our eldest boy his grandfather and great grandfather and great great grandfather’s… etc name as his middle name! Hope that… Read more »

jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

One of my friends has been doing this, but she’s been paying for all the sites. It IS so time-consuming.

Good luck with your new software for genealogy, Iris. I hope it works well for you!