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Here we are again – our monthly edition of “Where Bloggers Live”….. a small look into the lives of six bloggers from way different paths, backgrounds and physical locations.  This month is our ‘Favorite Holiday at Home’.  This one was a little difficult for me.  I’ve lived through a gazillion holidays – but picking a favorite was a real challenge.  I love Christmas, and I can say that’s my favorite holiday, but a favorite one???

Well, I’ve struggled with this one – and time is running out (I hate to be late with anything) – but I guess my favorite at home holiday has to be Thanksgiving 2019.  All 4 of my kids were here and 6 of my 8 grandchildren.

Now, if that’s not a good looking bunch I don’t know what is!

I think most everyone had fun playing various games.

Some of us just rested…

And when it was dinner time, even with my big table we still had to bring out the card tables – but everyone had a seat.  And I promise you there was not a paper plate to be found.   It was the good china, silverware and glassware.  Yes, it all had to be washed by hand – but I had plenty of dishwashers.

The food was plentiful and delicious (and no, I didn’t cook any of it but the daughter-in-laws & daughter who did cook did an outstanding job).

Somehow I didn’t get nearly as many pictures as I wish I had.  It was definitely a crazy, busy time – there were 18 of us!  I’d like to believe this event will happen again sometime in my future – it’ll be a wild ride if it does as now there are even more, with more grandkids married and a couple of little greats!

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Leslie Susan Clingan

So very late getting by. But this post is an absolute treasure. This…THIS is what the holidays, and especially Thanksgiving, are all about. Yay you to use the good stuff and not paper. Not sure what I am saving my ‘good’ silverware for. Don’t even have good china and that is probably a GOOD thing because it would be ‘saved’ too. Not sure for what? My own funeral? Love the photos of the family…great looking crew. And the little tables spread about at dinner, the gaming and the resting. Just precious memory-making in every moment. We are having what I… Read more »

Bettye L Rainwater

Oh, what a great day! Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family.

And I LOVE playing games with family at holidays. I love playing games ANYTIME but I can rarely wrangle anyone into playing with me.

The table looks beautiful. I do love a holiday table.

xoxo Bettye


How wonderful to have so many of your family together for this very special holiday! It was also nice to see pics of your family members AND that gorgeous China set!

jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

I love that you used the real china and such!! We have it so we might as well use it, right??