Shopping Thrift Stores

I don’t get out a lot these days, but had a great adventure this morning.  My DIL is sort of moving here.  (Son has retired and renovating my parents house – she’s still working in St. Louis and they’re letting her work from Alabama part of the time).  Anyway, she’s looking for a loveseat, so we hit most of the thrift stores close by (not that many).

No, we didn’t find a loveseat (except one that was already sold 🙁 ), BUT we managed to find a variety of other things.

Most of my purchases were throw pillows, though I did find a sweater and a vest.  But,  Do I need more throw pillows – NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT.  It’s all her fault, she kept showing them to me.

Pillows on my bed – the yellow and turquoise ones (2 of my favorite colors) in the back were also brought home today.

And, of course I already have a ‘few’ Christmas pillows.

Maybe my favorite Christmas pillow is my “Mola” pillow that I got in Panama in 1985 when Chuck was there with his job and I got to spend a month with him.

And, I found a Christmas present for Koda today.  He loves to scrumple up my throw and bury his head in it – so now he has his own.

Not sure if that’s a pomeranian or a corgi – but we’ll just go with Pomapoo

I think he likes it and I had a lovely day!!!

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It’s awesome you picked up some cute pieces while thrifting although it’s a shame you couldn’t find the seat! hopefully you have better luck next time you go! I find I can have a lot of luck one day and find what I’m looking for, but then find nothing the next couple of times I’m thrifting! luck of the draw!

Hope that you have a wonderful Christmas 🙂

Leslie Susan Clingan

That mola pillow is priceless. What a great way to incorporate that art form without hanging a piece on the wall. I love it. Also a big elephant fan over here. Both of those elephant pillows caught my eye. Love the elephants on parade. Have a bit of that going on in my elephant guest room. Did you cross stitch the pillow with the polar bear beside it? I set a goal of finishing my elephant cross stitch before the new year and have not thought of it again until this moment. Probably one of several goals that will get… Read more »

I’m glad you had a great day thrifting. I like doing that, too. Koda looks very happy with his new throw and I really like all of your pillows. I hope the rest of your weekend is just as much fun as today!