The ER is not fun…

…but neither is the reason for being there.  You should know I’m NOT an ER person.  It’s got to be serious for me to go there.  However, last week there I was riding in the an ambulance on my way to the ER.

..Thank God there was an angel to lighten my fall so it was not a life threatening event.  You know some of the ads out there are:  “I’ve fallen and can’t get up”.  Well that was me, I was on the floor, dizzy and not really thinking clearly. It was scary and annoying at the same time.  Thankfuly my cell phone was on a low table that I could reach and called #1 son (who lives next door).  He got here really quickly and took charge.  I was dizzy and my mind confused.  He got me to the sofa (I couldn’t stand) and called 911.

They came and got me into the ambulance and off we went.  The ER people on the ambulance were extremely nice and pleasant to this old lady who fell (that would be me).

The nurses and Nurse Practioner at the hospital were also very helpful and nice to me.  The major threat was any broken bones.  I’m an old lady and that can happen so quickly.

They did a gazillion tests, checked me very thoroughly and decided that I was seriously dehydrated and nothing was broken.  So an IV later I was on my way home.

#1 son was a God send and I’m SO VERY THANKFUL that I had no bones broken and my brain could think much more clearly after I got some liquid in me.  Came home and into bed for the rest of the day.

I’m now taking the liquid situation very seriously and working on drinking LOTS more water.


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Oh my goodness, Iris, I am so sorry this happened. I know it was scary for you. I’m very thankful that help came quickly and it was a matter of keeping better hydrated. Drink that water, ok? Blessings and prayer.