9/11 – The Day that Shook the World

If you were an adult or maybe even a teenager, you remember.  How could you not!!  And if you don’t remember, or don’t know – you need to read and find out.  We ALL need to remember – and never forget.  Like Pearl Harbor – we do not need to forget.  It’s one of those very traumatic times where you remember the day and all l that happened – even if you weren’t there to experience it.

Twin towers…


Flag that flies at the Memorial of Flight 93

2996 people died that day in New York, Virginia and Philadelphia.  Those were husbands, wives, men and women and children, soldiers, firefighters, policemen, first responders of all  kinds.  Many of those at home did not know the fate of their loved ones.  That must be awful.

There were heros – but most of them died too.  The response by people from everywhere to help was amazing.  I wonder if we would see that kind of response today – we live in a different world.

No, we must never forget – we must remember history – our history – 9/11 facts

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