There’s a Possum in the House

Who knew there’s a site on wildlife that actually has a page dedicated to:   “Possum in the House”.

The first paragraph says, “If a possum has gotten inside your house, like the living room or bathroom, don’t panic!”  There’s no mention of one in your bedroom – and I’m here to tell, PANIC is exactly what you do!

I can say this, because it is the voice of experience speaking!!!  And the above picture is pretty much what he looked at as we were both standing in my bedroom a few feet apart.  They tell you, “he’s more afraid of you than you are of him”.  WRONG!!!

If you’ve read much of what I’ve written, you know I live in the country.  There are all sorts of critters/creatures around – though usually they’re outside (my first choice).

There was a time some years ago when I fed a couple of cats out on my deck – not a smart idea in the country.  Both possums and raccoons came to brunch with some frequency – so I stopped that and yet the critters persisted.

So I woke one night to a strange noise and Frosty (my then tiny poodle) was barking – not something he regularly did.  I got up to check and THERE WAS A POSSUM IN MY BEDROOM.

What did that website say?  Oh yeah – don’t panic!  I PANICKED!

#3 son and family were living with me at the time in an upstairs apartment where they had no problem hearing me scream.  So, everyone comes charging downstairs to my bedroom.  I grabbed Frosty (I was afraid he would try to attack this creature – who did not look happy at all this noise – and was MUCH larger than Frosty) and ran by the possum and into the living room.  Son opens the door out onto the deck and then goes past possum into the bedroom, puts me at the other end of the living room and granddaughter at the opening beside the sofa where the creature could escape.  Granddaughter, who apparently is all about protecting Gram says, “I’m telling you if that demon comes towards me I’m gone”.

So with son shooing it and the door open to the deck we manage to get it outside.  I did not sleep well that night.

We bought live traps and had no difficulty trapping the creature for release somewhere AWAY from my house.

The intruder had gotten under my house and chewed into the ductwork (it was winter) managed to get inside the ductwork and then managed to  push a vent up in my office – and walk across the living room into my bedroom where Frosty alerted me to the creature – thank God or he might have tried to crawl in bed with me.

Needless to say, an expensive visit from one scroungy looking unwanted  guest.

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Jacki Espino
Jacki Espino

I’ve read how these are wonderful animals and good for the environment, and afraid of humans — and on and on. And I love all animals — well, here I draw the line. These guys freak me out. They used to sit up on my fence is my ‘city’ house in Anaheim — along with their babies — which should have made me like them more, how maternal they are.

But all I could do was freak out and scream. I don’t wish them harm –I just wish never to see one again.


Lol!! Like me and raccoons!