Fall Leaves

I’m always ready for fall – and especially fall leaves.  Fall is my very favorite time of the year – probably because of the colors.  I’m not particularly a fan of the cooler weather, and definitely not a fan of the changing time.  I seriously hate for it to get dark so very early.  BUT, I thank God for every day I got to see it get dark early 🙂

Some trees change their colors pretty early, some trees just lose their leaves without changing.  I have some of each in my yard – AND I have so many evergreens some of the colored leaves don’t show that much.  Then there are the trees who’s leaves just turn brown and fall on my deck and in my gutters (a LOT of those).

They look pretty different at night off my deck.

I do have a really pretty drive down the mountain into town, but I’m afraid to stop and take photos because the road is so curvy.

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I love fall, too…and I’m the same, some of the prettiest views are on my drive to and from work and there’s nowhere good to stop…and I know someone will yell at me if they realize I’ve video’d while driving (though that has never stopped me before!), so I have no Good Way of capturing the fleeting beauty, and before you know it, it’s gone. My area had JUST turned lovely like last Thursday…and then we had a big rain and wind over the weekend and a lot of it is almost gone. Fall is the greatest reminder to enjoy… Read more »