Taking care of my sweet baby dog

…isn’t easy these days.  If you’ve followed me for awhile, you’ll remember Koda – if not, I’ll introduce to him.  Koda is supposed to be Pomeranian and poodle – there’s no poodle there!  So, getting used to a Pom was a new experience for me.  He’s a sweetie, he’s a velcro dog – sticks to me like glue.  He’s a barker – barks at EVERYTHING.  He was 8 years this past October and is my sweetie.

And now he’s a sick little dog – has been for the past three months.  His biggest problem is itching and scratching.  Multiple vet visits, including biopsies have not revealed very much.  He’s been on all kinds of medications and is currently on steriods – which has helped the itching/scratching a lot, but he’s really hyper and thinks he’s starving.

I’ve also tried many of the online ‘remedies’ that are supposed to help this situation – none of which have really affected it much.    The biospy results said he was having a “erythema multifome-like reaction” and Stevens-Johnson syndrome.  Finding out just what those things mean is way over my pay grade.

I’m wondering if all this could have been caused by stress.  I was away from him for about 2 weeks last fall when I had my medical issues and he was basically home alone.  My son came daily and fed him and took him out, but as I said earlier, he wants to be right next to me all the time.  While we’re back together, I still wonder if that could have brought this all on.  He still has areas on his body where there are still big ugly scabs and are red and bloody when he was scratchig so bad.  Those are looking much better with the steriods, but he can’t stay on those forever.

He was at the groomers yesterday to get another bath – special shampoo from the vet.    I do have a wonderful groomer and she gave him many baths while the worst of this was going on.  I’m so thankful for her.

I’m praying for him constantly.  My furbabies are a lot companionship and company to me

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Leslie Susan Clingan

Oh, Iris, I hope the steroids and special shampoo will get Koda over the hump and back to 110%. He is such a doll baby. Our pets mean everything to us, don’t they? I bet you are on to something that he was just so distraught when you and he were apart, and he is just now beginning to recover. Maybe with the warmer weather and these treatments, and realizing you are right THERE, he will get back to feeling better. We had a blessed pup who just go so upset when she went to the groomers, on her last… Read more »


Oh so sorry to hear that sweet Koda has been sick! I know that is very concerning for you. Our dog, River, was sick today and we took him to the vet. I won’t go into details as they are kind of yucky but I was very worried. He seems better tonight with the meds from the vet. We do love our fur babies don’t we?! Stress can cause many issues so perhaps that contributed to both Koda’s and River’s problems today. I’ll say a prayer for Koda and you take care too, Iris!

Iris Smale

Thanks for the prayers Debbie – and I’ll be praying for River. It is difficult when our fur babies are sick. You feel so helpless.