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Welcome to the latest edition of “Where Bloggers Live”. It’s kind of like HGTV’s “Celebrities at Home,” but…Bloggers! Who doesn’t like to peek behind the scenes and see inside people’s homes and lives.  Here is the “Where Bloggers Live” group – a group of ladies who live very diverse lives.  Be sure and check out their blogs –  Links to their blogs at the end.

Today’s edition is “Self Care at Home”  – who came up with that title???  Certainly not me – as I’ve had to do more of that kind of stuff in the last 9-10 months than ever before.

Many, many of my activities have virtually come to a stand still, or for sure put on the back burner.  So, what do I do to take care of myself at home now??

  • Well, not what I’d ever have expected.  But, I try and do some PT at least a couple of times a week (was having to do it daily for quite awhile – NOT fun).
  • I’m trying to walk more – it’s pretty much too hot to walk outside right now, and will only get hotter as the summer goes on, but I have decided when I have to get up for whatever reason, to take advantage of the being “up” and walk around inside more (Koda thinks I’m crazy).
  • I’m trying to eat better – NO appetite, and my kids are always on me to eat more.
  • Stay hydrated – drink more water.
  • Take care of Koda – as long as I’m taking care of him, he’s such a part of me, then I’m taking care of me too.

That’s about it for me – don’t lead a very interesting life these days.

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