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Welcome to the latest edition of Where Bloggers Live. It’s kind of like HGTV’s “Celebrities at Home,” but…Bloggers! Who doesn’t like to peek behind the scenes and see inside people’s homes and lives.  Here is the “Where Bloggers Live” group – a group of ladies who live very diverse lives.  Be sure and check out their blogs –  Links to their blogs at the end.

So as the title says this month is “hair care”  Not something I really engage in most of the time. Between my age and my breast cancer fight back a lot of years ag0, those things have left me with gray and VERY thin hair.  I could live with the gray – but I sure hate the thin.  I do go regularly to have it trimmed

I try to take care of my hair – but am rarely effective.  I’ve always had difficulty.  It is VERY straight and very fine.  None of that lustrious hair on my head!  It has always been fine, but was really thick.   I had my first permanent before I started school in first grade.  It was a nightmare.  My mother was my  hair stylist in those days and she swore about home permanents (I did too, but my swearing was because it was always a nightmare getting one).  The stuff they had put on your head was awful.  It was put on after the rollers, I had a towel around my face and between the towel holding in the smell and it being terrible I always thought my mother was trying to kill me.  Fortunately I lived to fight another day.

I also dyed my hair not long after I left home – and that continued until I started chemo and I had my head shaved.  So, I had pretty full, lush red hair.  (And btw, that was another thing my mother hated – red hair – naturally I had that done after I left home.  I discovered later that my great-grandmother had red hair, and she & my grandmother did not get along.)

Here’s me lots of years ago.

So now I do take some vitamins for my hair – I use ‘purple shampoo’ because it keeps my hair for looking yellowish.

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Be sure and check out my fellow bloggers to see what they do with their hair.  I’m  looking forward to reading them – just maybe I’ll learn something.


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