Genealogy and family…

If you’ve ever delved into family history/genealogy then you know it can eat up minutes faster than a squirrel running from Koda.

I’ve been intending to write a ‘family history book’ for quite awhile and had even started on it – and now I remember why I just left it.😳  It’s so very easy to get started down a rabbit trail – and there are surely a lot of them.

There are so many ‘family stories’ in my head that will be lost if I don’t get them on paper, but that’s definitely easier than it sounds.

I published my great-grandfather’s memoirs a number of years ago – and it actually took my several years to get that done.  He had written them, by hand, in no particular order, in the fancy script of his day and was VERY difficult to read… but, very interesting.  I’m so thankful he did that though, it’s fascinating reading.

The content wouldn’t be popular in today’s world as he was a Confederate soldier in the Civil War.  I published most of it in an old blog back when I was working on it and am considering putting excerpts here – and may ramble on about some of my other ancestors since that seems to be where I find my self these days.

If you search the web you will find SO MUCH conflicting information.  I “know” the last few generations of my family, but would love to have information beyond that – just difficult to determine which is accurate.

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