There are horses in my pasture

….but they aren’t mine.

One of my neighbors needed some grazing for a couple of his horses and so here they are.

I must say, my pasture has grown up so drastically, there’s not nearly as much grazing space as there used to be, but they seem okay.  They’re quite friendly and LOVE apples.

We walked down to the barn when #3 son and DIL were here and they were quite anxious for attention (and treats).

They do come up close to my back yard fence (the only thing that separates my back yard from the pasture) and it’s always a blessing to see them – though it drives Koda crazy.  They pretty much ignore his barking, but he does think it’s his responsibility to ‘guard the house’.

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Good eyes Bettye — I had to play Where’s Waldo to locate the shovel.

Bettye L Rainwater

Horses are the best. How long will your guests be there?

I see a shovel that needs to be turned around (barn safety) 🙂